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    Activity Widget

      As per my post here: https://community.jivesoftware.com/thread/112041


      We have a user who has come up with an interesting idea, and I was  curious if it is possible with the current system, or if I should raise  this as an suggestion.  As per the forum user:


      I   think for the most part that most users including myself, when they  log  on want to know how many new posts are in their threads that they  are  involved with, let me illustrate my point. This below will be a  nice  widget ideal.


                               FreshRevenge Activities

      Thread Title     Total Posts     Read Posts     Unread Posts

      Thread A                437                  430                    7

      Thread B                15                     15                     0

      Thread C                289                   288                   1

      Thread D                22                     1                      21


      See   then we can click on the number of the unread posts and it will take  us  directly to the first unread post in that Discussion or Thread. Now   if you Click on the Thread Title it was take you directly at the    beginning of the Thread. Total Posts and Read Posts would be obsolete  in  directing you to anywhere. I hope this helps illustrating my point.


      Thank you.