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    Outage message


      Hey! This is my first post in this group I am new to Jive Software.


      We are in Beta mode still and launching very soon. We are conducting some changes and will require Jive to be down for a limited period.


      I am interested to hear back any messages you have put on your landing page? Since it is the first time we want to make sure it doesn't scare too many people off.


      We have limited text space so want to make sure it isn't too long winded but not too vague either.....


      Any suggestions welcome :-)

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          Hey Kim - welcome to the community!  While downtimes are never pleasant...you do have an opportunity to get creative and somewhat 'lighten' the negativity that might be going through members minds (think Twitter fail whale).  There are tone of great examples on the web and a quick Google of "error pages" should get a you a number of examples.  Regardless, here is one of our pages we created for uCern (our Jive instance) that displays when we are undergoing maintenance.  Our mascot, Ping, is the guy under all of the construction garb...



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            Be aware that Jive has a standard "maintenance page" template that includes some somewhat informal wording ("oops, something happened - come back soon"). If you work with your hosting team, this maintenace page can be customized for your environment/branding, such as posting links to your own helpdesk system or (as we do in our case) a link to an intranet page where we can post details of the outage, etc.

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