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    What is the uptake of Jive within an organization?

      We are an organization that has a traditional Intranet space for a group of people and we are looking to replace that space with Jive.  I am assuming that when you turn Jive on you do not get 100% of your employees using it straight away.


      I know it is going to be dependent on how prominent the Jive area is, the communications around it etc but typically does anyone know, or could point me to the right link, of what the uptake looks like?  Ideally I'm trying to find out percentages for example:


      After 1 month     : 25%

      After 2 months    : 35%


      and so on up to when it reaches it's maximum and that has just seeded another question as well - what is the realistic maximum in an organization as there are always going to be some people who only use it occasionally.


      If the view I am taking is too simplisitic how have people tried to address this question?





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          I think the general opinion is that "if you build it, they will come" does NOT really work. There has to be demonstrated value and WIIFM-factors.

          Having said that, you should also know that the majority of people will probably start out as observers, or "lurkers". They check in from time to time, read some things and then leave. That's to be expected and I'm told it's not necessarily a bad thing.

          I am finding that peer pressure helps get some heel-draggers involved. If the information is only available in Jive, then they have to go there in order to know what's going on.

          There is a larger than expected number of people who are just not comfortable interacting in a public forum and they might never change.

          It helps if leaders are active. Give people a reason to at least fill in their profile and get them to upload a picture. I consider those pretty big accomplishments.

          Then, encourage them to connect with their coworkers.  I know I didn't actually answer your question.

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              We started with a cap of 200 users on our pilot (not enough) but growth didn’t take off exponentially until we moved that cap to 1,000 and expanded participation to fill the void.  We are at 4,500 now.  Local Employee teams, units, etc. have pretty good existing systems to communicate but poor systems to work collaboratively with teams in other locations, vendors, partners and key stakeholders.  So some vendors bring along their own collaborative space to fill the void: some have SBS, Sharepoint, Wrike, Lotus, Jing, zoho, google, Basecamp, etc, etc.  Great for them but your staff ends up having to learn to participate with different systems that are not transferable to your own projects and collaborative efforts.


              The slope of growth has now leveled to about 200 new users per month. December was less due to the holidays.  Our SBS platform is an opt-in system – in other words each person decided they wanted an account to fill a business need.


              In response to DGarber, I’ll add to your advice that I don’t see much adoption by internal locally organized teams. If they do, it’s just to check it out and determine it duplicates what they already do and doesn’t save time or add value.  That’s because they already have effective systems to communicate with each other and share information.  The value is for the geographically dispersed and/or organizationally separated teams, committees, projects, etc. It also becomes the knowledge repository for those efforts.


              I try to set expectations that it is not a good solution to use for that locally organized team. Use your existing techniques and systems.  But when you need to communicate across the organization or with our vendors and partners, it’s a very effective way to share and discuss information.


              I look forward to learning about other approaches as well.


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              Hi James,


              Jive commissioned a research report from Forrester on some of our customers with established and sustaining communities. The report includes a cost/benefit breakdown, and applies a formula that might help you determine not only typical adoption rates over a 3-year period for a generally conservative corporate culture (most of the customers studied had such a culture), but also the benefits. The top 3-year benefits listed are:


              • 83% Improved horizontal collaboration within departmental teams
              • 13% Improved horizontal collaboration between departmental teams
              • 4% Improved vertical collaboration


              One key measure of success for these companies was to demonstrate a higher adoption through Jive as compared with their legacy collaboration tools. Forrester conservatively estimated a 20% adoption rate in Year 1, 45% in Year 2, and 55% in Year 3. We've seen much higher adoption rates with other customers based on many elements Donna and Wally point out. If Jive is the only place to do/find X, and X is critical to getting your work done or staying informed about something, then adoption rates can soar.


              The biggest lesson here is that usability + availability to everyone in your organization + zero tool confusion + purpose-driven business use cases is a winning formula.


              I hope this helps!

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                  I would only add culture to Gia's equation. Even with solid, crystal-clear use cases defined, if your organization doesn't have a culture that says it's okay to openly discuss and question each other, then the adoption meter will move very slowly. The more successful companies see that culture shift come from both the top down and bottom up.


                  To answer your specific question, I've seen this number fluctuate wildly across Jive clients. As Gia said, we've found the more "real work" you move into Jive that your users need to interact with, the quicker you'll drive adoption. We've used Jive internally for 2 years, and recent stats show that 57% of our employees log on daily.

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                    Hi Gia Lyons - where could I get a copy of the forrester study? Do you know how they defined "adoption?" that is... profile completion? group participation? etc. Thank you!

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                    Sorry to respond to  a question with another question.


                    But is there an example of a successful grassroots movement to demand a Jive deployment within an organization?