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    New Employee On-boarding Community

      I'm just wondering if anyone has created a community within their Jive environment specifically for on-boarding/orienting new employees to their organization. If so, have you had much success with it? Do you have any ideas/best practice to share - what's worked well/what hasn't worked well.

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          Hi Diana,  I'm full of ideas but haven't had the experience with on boarding and new hires yet to be able to say we've had success. These bullet points are from a PPT slide I used recently to discuss the value to our HR and Talent Management organization. I am in the Training organization.


          • Peer-to-Peer Learning and Sharing
          • Training Recommendations from the Academy
          • How do I __________ ?
          • Who or what department does _________?
          • Answers come from anywhere and everywhere
          • Digital Audit Trail for others to follow
          • Business Interlock mines New Hire community for learning opportunities/training requirements, areas of interest for professional development
          • Recommend Communities of Interest
          • –Insight Users Group
          • –Project Managers
          • Helping others – Alumni return the favor!
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              We do this as well at our company. We bring the new hires into Jive prior to their first day so that they can have access to benefits forms, relocation info, general info about our company, and info on training. I don't have the statistics in front of me but I know this does help speed up the new hire process by giving them access to info ahead of time results in fewer questions on the first day.