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    Web content management integration




      I was curious if anyone was able to provide context here if you've integrated Jive with your WCMS (what systems is it, did we do the integration and if not was it a partner, context on the output so-to-speak of the integration, etc.).


      Thanks in advance,

      Adam Mertz

      Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Jive

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          I'd be curious to learn about this as well.  We are embarking on a massive migration project and would greatly benefit from any customer experiences around WCMS integration.

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            +1 on that question;


            Adam, why not start with the current public facing JiveSoftware Internet. Looks like a very simple but efficient entry door within the Jive Company world as well quick access to Jive Community. Could you explain what CMS (or not) are you using and how your articulates the public versu profiled content (running on jive engine). Thanks

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                Hi Jerome, I manage the Jive website, happy to shed some light.


                We don't have a CMS on our website (yet -- part of the 2011/2012 plan, fingers crossed), but we do pull in community content onto our website. Since pretty much everything in the Jive engine is available via RSS/Atom, we pull in content where relevant. For example, on our homepage, you'll notice we treat our community conversations as top-level alongside news, the company blog, etc:



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                We use Jive as our WCMS. We have other systems in place for managing/hosting certain content. But for the most part we host our article content along with user generated content in Jive and display it in a variety of ways throughout our site, which runs on both ATG and Jive. For our business this is a huge benefit as we are a retail company with multiple brands and we find that buyers in todays market want to hear from their peers rather than the manufacturer or the retailer. Jive makes it very easy for our customers to submit their content, allows us to moderate it, move, edit and/or tag it accordingly, then publish as we see fit. Then with the ability from Jive to display these in a variety of way across our platforms and throughout our site it becomes a better tool for us then a backend WCMS that we have to manage the content to.