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    Is the expression: 'An Enterprise Social Network', an oxymoron?

      Does real disruptive competition worry anyone out there in Jive?


      I've just done my own comparison of all the magic quadrant offerings. I posted a couple of questions in a discussion here. Got no reply from anyone. Called Jive support in UK, good chat but he said someone in US would follow-up. No reply.


      Filled in Jive partnership application online a week ago. no reply.


      Jive's lack of Facebook style user GUI is a major problem.  In fact, I know one of yr competitor CEOs thinks so too. (I know 'cos I spoke to them.)


      That's one issue. sFund launch video talks about DISRUPTIVE business models and apps coming out in next few years. Maybe like, more engaging/SaaS based? Maybe you can't have one without the other? Maybe it's worth supporting a new model/format/business plan?


      I guess the silence shows either:


      a) you have this is hand; or

      b) you're in denial

      c) no one reads the forums

      d) I'm dull

      e) I'm scary


      If b) it's no good just going to match competition. Maybe you should consider a real disruptive approach. Maybe speak to me.


      I have a major FTSE corporate in my pipeline, with my new business model. Could continue development of my own SaaS solution or partner.


      It would be good to talk with someone out there. I've done this before e.g. CEO of Digitalbrain plc. We rolled out SaaS in late 90s/2000s to millions of users/1000s institutions.