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    My company has been acquired...


      So the company I work for, Vocollect (450 employees) is being acquired by Intermec (1900 employees).  Their CEO has stated that his #2 personal value for his company is collaboration.  We run Jive, and as far as I know, they do not.  I'll know soon what they're using internally, the acquisition should be final within a couple weeks.


      I'm truly hoping that this is an opportunity to expand the scope of our community (that we call Collab) and integrate our new parent company into it, rather than this being the death of my beloved Collab. I'm sure it's pretty clear to all of us that Jive is an incredible platform for just this purpose. I have the support of my management team in this effort, so I'm optimistic. 


      The point of this thread is threefold..

      1. Ask if anyone else has lived through an acquisition, especially as the acquiree
      2. Document the progress of this initiative.
      3. Pick the collective Jive brain along the way.


      More to come...

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          Hi Alan,


          We acquire companies all the time. With one of our more recent acquisitions, we used our Jive community in many ways to assist with the actual work being done for the acquisition. It won’t be the same for you, since it is the parent that needs to be “brought into the fold” of Collab. But if you can convince some key stakeholders at the parent company to use Collab as their place to plan and collaborate on their integration plans, that might be the way to suck them in. Set them up with a Secret group, lay the overview page out for them in an intelligent way at the start to give it the best chance of helping them out, facilitate their group and/or have a training session for the people who are going to use it. Emphasize the obvious benefits – communicating regardless of timezone, collecting discussions online instead of leaving them stuck and closed in email, etc.


          And good luck!!