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    Annoyed by Custom Maintenance Pages Not Working?


      One of the items that is on our punch list and what we saw #fail again during this weekend's maintenance window was the implementation and utilization of everyone's custom maintenance pages.


      This seems rather trivial but can be made more complex given where the need for it is identified in the architecture stack (Tomcat, Storage, Load Balancer, etc)


      We are in the process of re-architecting how we do this so that your desired maintenance page is presented regardless of where there is a failure


      This work is being lead by Erskine Williams and Emre Yildirim.  They will post the details of the solution and roll out dates here: https://community.jivesoftware.com/docs/DOC-38039

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          cflanagan17 Expert

          Thank you, Bob.


          And by the way - best practice on starting a thread with a question to grab our attention.

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            Thank you for this post Bob. I can't tell you how happy I am to see Jive acknowleding this.


            Maintaining a consistent brand and message across all customer interactions is crtical for us (as I imagine it is for all of your clients). This consistency of message importance is amplified when services are down or not offered when the customer expected them to be. To have our clients hit our site and see an unbranded, somewhat unapologetic and sterile Jive maintenance message (and it's anyone's guess which one they'd see depending on where the failure/maintenance was taking place) is a fail in my book.


            We eagerly await a consistent resolution to this. And thank you for being transparent with us about what you're doing to resolve this issues, and other posted withint this community.