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    Jive and Facebook Connect?


      Been reading more and more about facebook connect. I current have a facebook widget on a few pages but that is far as I have gone. Love to hear from other community manager on how they are using facebook connect.



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          Where on community are you using a facebook widget? We toyed with the idea of using Facebook Connect when we launched to drive registrations. But was quickly shot down because of all the other data we wanted to capture during our traditional registration process. We went with an SSO implemenation instead.



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              you guys have a great site. Was looking at it the other day. We have been using SSO sytem for about 3 years now. It would be great to also be able to use facebook connect "open ID" to get the quick log in for some new members at least we can some basic info to start the relationship. But it will need to sync back up with our SSO  as well. Complex to say the least. I herd some roumers of SSO updates in Jive 5 that should be helpfull. Will have to wait and see.


              The other part is the ability to extend the feature to share on facebook or any other social channels twitter linkedin digg. I know you can add the "share this" script to the theme or the footer is the easiest. As we already do this today. The  issue is when you do that the tool will only add your site meta description for all the discussions and documents. It will pull the right title but no description of the post it self.


              For an external site the ability to share via the social media channels is a must have. Just need to work on the over all experience jive delivers.