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    Wikis - one more time

    Tim Gray

      Here is the discussion thread I found discussing wiki and the lack of support for wiki markup -


      What's missing from that discussion is how community managers deal with content that consists of documents (and/or folders) that are nested or hierarchical in design, given no wiki markup?


      I'm interested in any ideas/workarounds or best practices.  One of our use cases (large Canadian Bank - 80k employees) is in our solutions architecture group where the documentation for large projects is significant and I'm at a bit of a loss to understand how we could manage the document artifacts created in support of this kind of large initiative.

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          Hi Tim,


          This is a bit of a sore point for us as well. Jive is not the best for wiki-like functionality. My big gripes are:

          • The lack of a 'wanted page' link (as your discussion thread link highlights).
          • Differencing between document versions Fix broken document comparison once the page has 10kb of html (only a page or two if you have a table in there).
          • RSS feeds chuck out the entire document content again, even if the change was just a single word - users have to play spot the difference.


          Having said that, Jive does lots of other things so well. But how to get a wiki-like structure? Well, what I've found that works to some degree is:

          • Create a top level structure using spaces and sub spaces (but as few as possible)
          • Create a document in your space to act as the main starting page for the wiki
          • Customise the space landing page to display a 'View Document' widget, and set this to be your main starting page document
          • Create links in this document to other documents to start your hierachy


          I tend to keep two browser windows open whilst I'm editing a page, so I can use the second browser window to create the pages I need to link to. It's not too inconvenient as you can use the 'history' tab in the A@ window to quickly find the page link.


          There isn't a nice widget that gives you a tree view of the document structure (like Confluence) unfortunately. But it should be possible to write  a plug-in.

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              Tim Gray

              Thanks, creative uses of spaces and perhaps projects and categories seems to have some potential.

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                  You may be less interested in the wiki aspects if your requirements are to manage MS office documents.


                  • Create a space for each large development, then under that create projects that contribute to it.
                  • Put information that needs to live on in the top level space (such as user guides etc)
                  • Put information that will die with the project at project level (meeting minutes) etc
                  • Use categories and tags to group information in the same way you might currently use sub-folders on a shared drive