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    Applying Categories


      I am merging a couple of spaces together into one. As a result I will have roughly 500+ documents that will need a new "category" structure and was wondering if anyone had suggestions on a good approach to this? The only two I have thought of so far are:

      1. Create my new set of categories and edit each document one-by-one to add the new categories (probably the most precise, but involves a large time commitment and will result in me being the last to edit every doc in a space).
      2. Enable quick tagging mode, ensure that a key tag (which can be associated with the categories selected) is on each document, add my new categories and use the "key tag" to ensure all docs get categorized appropriately (quicker than the first, but when this method is used it doesn't actually "tick" the category box)


      Any one else have other suggestions that would require less manual labor? I know you can't do much... if the content isn't properly tagged to start with, you can't magically do so for organization purposes, but I thought I would ask anyways.

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          I just did this yesterday on a smaller scale:

          1. Tag each document in your current space.
          2. Move the document to the new space.
          3. Repeat until all documents are moved.
          4. Then go to the new space and create the category and associate the appropriate tags with the new category.


          It does tick the box when you do it this way.  Not the easiest thing in the world, but I've done worse.


          Also, as a good practice, I leave the old space  for a period of time with a notice on the page that directs people to the new space. I remove action widget and make the space read-only.


          Here's an example of my notice: