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    JSME Feature Requests


      Based on the activity in this group it looks like our company may be in fact the first company to purchase JSME. I really hope not. Anyway, some feature requests:


      1. (JSME) In the monitor it would be nice if some more information was provided by the post. Such as how many views a Youtube video has or subscribers or how many twitter followers a person has.


      2. (JSME) Would be nice if there was some boxes at the left side where you could check if you don't want to have certain languages show.


      3. (JSME) The Monitor page does not fit on a 13" laptop screen comfortably, maybe the post window could be flexible so that the scrolls would show up no matter what size your window is. Also when you are adding a new observation on a 13" laptop screen it is hard to get the submit button, because it is so far down.


      4. (JSME) When you are in the Analyze tool and you are viewing sentiment trend and you click on a day to view the posts that go along with that day at the bottom of the graph. It would be really nice if you could change the sentiment while you are looking at those in the analyze tool, because very often the automatic sentiment is not correct. This would save so much time in providing sentiment reports.


      5. (JSME) Time stamp on the monitor posts.


      6. (JSME) When you make a post an Observation from the monitor, it would be helpful if there is some little symbol that shows that you have already added that post to an observation. Or maybe that bottom row lists the observation/observations you have put that post in.


      7. (JSME)  A refresh button to update your monitor so that you don't have to go back and forward to get it to refresh!