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    Searching for the best content

    Andrew Kratz

      I had heard from a jive customer that one challenge they have had is when searching their internal community for basic information "the holiday schedule"  "social media policy" etc..  that they ended up getting so many results back and some were individuals discussing a topic but the info was actually wrong.  Are there any strategies you have used to help avoid this issue.  I guess it is a relevance question.  The only one I came across was for a corporate holiday schedule (or that sort of document) to update the same document each year so that the hit counts for views/likes/ratings will remain very high and it will be more relevant than other documents on the subject.  Any other strategies?

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          The strategy you suggest can work. Another thing that is helpful is to have a consistent naming policy - so that "corporate-approved" documents are more obvious. For example, have the company name or acronym at the beginning of the document title. We have several different divisions, so we have several different holiday schedules. if your workforce is geographically diverse, you might also suggest they include the country-specific ID in the title as well.


          An example from our community would be:

          • UBM-UK 2011 Holiday Schedule


          In other words, leave as little room for question as possible when writing the document title. Good practice anyway.

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            In our experience having search compliment a structured organization of content works better. We have tried to have a struture, a place for everything and everything in its place and then use tags to search.


            Users donot tag / name documents / content properly always, search becomes exactly like your experience, it becomes difficult to differentiate formal content from informal content and the implementation looses impact.



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                Sanjiv, while what you are saying makes sense and i recommend that as well, the big issue is that if your users are using the spotlight search, the "structure" behind the content is not obvious.


                The way that we have approached getting naming and tagging to be more consistent is:

                1. Having communitiy managers that update tags and/or consult on content title procedures.
                2. Any time someone complains about not being able to find something, we educate them on both searching and tagging/titling steps.
                3. Also encouraging those who don't easily find things to add tags to content once they do find it.
                4. Holding training workshops specifically for people who will be regular content contributors (i.e. HR people, product managers, etc.)


                Doesn't always work, but word gets around.