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    External Customer benefits of an internal community

      I manage an internal community for 700+ inside sales people located in 14 centers around the world.  I have begun to think about how the collaborative nature of our sales reps reflects to their/our customers.  Has anyone else tried to map this type of benefit?  So far I have: Inside sales is able to more quickly connect customers to each other (relevant customers references) and customers benefit from and are supported by global collective know how.




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          Your question has prompted another question about internal and external communities. In the past 4 years I have not seen one consulting or technology company that deals in that has one single community for both internal and external use because of the Intellectual property and strategy information security risks (e.g. wrong permission, or saying the wrong thing and not knowing who actually is following the conversation)


          …or are there cases of where the internal and external communities are fully merged into one?