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    linking to other business applications from Jive


      One important factor for the adoption of our Jive implementation was using an html widget that had links to the most important other business applications


      We created simple instructions and included it in the training for space administrators and group owners so it got copied across the site.


      The challenge of keeping it up top date and consistent across the site

      As you can imagine after a year or so some applications may change or theirlocation. Updating this on the front page and the template space is not an issue, but making all space owners do it .... Yes, we now have slight variations.


      As a solution we could get a widget done or we think puting the application links on a static webpage and call the page using the html widget. That would provided us with one place to keep it up to date and change all spaces at once.


      Question to you

      Have you done something similar?

      Are we missing something obvious?