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    Web Analytics - What are you using?

      Hi guys,


      Curious to know what everyone is using as a web analytics tool. I've been pushing to use Google Analytics for myriad reasons: free, tight integration with search traffic/behavior, filtering, tagging, anonymous data association, segmenting etc. etc. But i've got firm opposition from my Security and Risk partners given that it's a free resource and we have no control over the information they gather (even though it's all available publicy to anyone who cares to look at our webpage...don't get me started).


      As a result, i'm looking at fee-based SaaS alternatives like Coremetrics and Webtrends. It pains me to think about paying an annual fee for a service I could get free, but...i don't make the rules.


      Anyhow, what are you using to track web site metrics? Click throughs, traffic sources, exit rates/pages, time on sight, conversions (if you have CTAs), etc.?


      Thanks much