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    Using an Image as a Background in a Table.




      Does anyone know if its at all possible to have an image as a table background, rather than a colour?


      I manage to get half way there, by creating a table in a Formatted Text Widget or Document, and then flip to the HTML view and amending the code.

      This all looks good, but as soon as I publish, the image is removed.


      Documents just seem to delete the image part of the code entirely whereas Formatted Text Widgets keeps the code so when you back in to edit it, you can see the image, just not when its published.


      The code also works ok in a HTML widget,  but I need the text in the table to be easily updated, so doing this via HTML isn't great for some of our less capable users.


      We're running version 4.5.5 and I've attached an example of the code I'm using.


      Any help would be really appreciated.






      (This question also was asked a while back in the Jive Support section Here, but is unresolved.)

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          I have also seen this. If you include "background-image" as an inline style in a tag it will cause that and all other style properties in the tag to get wiped on publish. Take it away and all is well. This is the only style property I have seen that causes this. It works in HTML widgets where you have permissions to use <style> but not in docs, formatted text, etc.. Not sure why, but it seems like purposeful behavior. Would love to know more.