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    Why show a "Recent Activity" feed on community pages?

      Many community sites display a "Recent Activity" section showing a feed of the most recent activity. When I think about the primary tasks users come to a community to accomplish I don't see how a list of most recent activity is helpful.  The likelihood of the information I'm looking for or a question I can answer being displayed in a list of recent activity is extremely low.


      Why do so many sites display a Recent Activity section?  What is the value to the user?





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          Hi Matt,


          I hear you. It's a community preference thing, really. Some use Recent Content, some use Recent Activity, and others prefer Recent Content scoped just to documents, blogs, or discussions.


          I personally like Recent Content front and center, with Recent Activity to the side (in a 3-column layout).

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            Hi Matt -


            I have a few communities set up where Recent Activity is useful, as is Recent Content.


            One of the groups I have set up is for a community support team. The team leads create blog posts for current issues, recent bugs, hot topics on the phones, etc. - so the service reps can look at the group's homepage and see the things that are most likely to come up in the emails and calls they receive. The most recent content is what they are interested in - bugs that are new today are more likely to be the subject of today's calls than bugs from last week.


            I originally set them up with a group, and there is a very specific tagging and category structure that they use to sort information by products, type of call (such as billing vs. product), etc. We had a Recent Content widget that displays everything that is new, and then several Watch a Tag widgets to group content by subject. However, something that has come out of this - the team lead posts, and then a service rep has a question/clarification. Now, we want the other service reps to know that there is additional info (in the comments) - rather than just think that they read the Recent Content and know everything that is going on. Viewing the Recent Activity is important to make sure they are aware of any updates, too.


            The department is getting so much use out of this group, and there is a lot of room for nesting information, so I am building out a community with many sub-communities to replace it. Most of those sub-communities will have a Recent Activity widget paired with Featured Content to make sure all the service reps see the topics that the TLs think are most important (Featured Content) paired with the most up-to-date content (Recent Activity).


            Hope that example makes sense!