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    Launching Jive in a small company.

      Hi all,


      Dose anyone have any experience of introducing Jive to a small company.

      We have 4 offices in different continents with about 170 people spread across each. We are a software development company so the main benefits I see for the system are to the developers and sales departments where they can share ideas and get up to the minute information on customers

      I am a little worried that because of our small size it might be difficult to get the necessary critical mass involved at an early stage to get it off the ground.

      Jive will be used in conjunction with the existing intranet which is currently used as a vast deposit of information in vertical silos where it is easily lost or hard to find.


      So far I think the best way to get started is to identify some team leaders in different departments present them with how Jive will benefit them and the company before tasking them with getting on board with a few of their team and setting a few small targets for them to get content created. I want to target upper management as much as possible too so that employees see that what they contribute is seen and so it is of benefit for them to share.


      I am only being brought into this as an intern student for 6 months so I would like to have the community self sufficient by the time I leave.


      So far I think we are going to start up with about 8 spaces which reflect the different activities of separate departments within the company such as Planning, Building, Supporting, Selling etc, using a Lobby Pattern layout. Would it be a good idea to set up a universal company wide group before launching to allow people to get in and look around a group before creating their own?


      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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          Quick update.


          Initial take up among the several  pilot projects has not been great. Each project involves approx 5 to 10 people and up to 40 files. So far people are viewing it as yet another  tool which which will duplicate tasks. Discussions are not being used  instead of emails and there are very few comments made on documents.


          Because we are using Jive Express we cannot implement the Sharepoint connector to connect to our intranet so that is not helping.


          At this point I believe that we cannot sustain Jive  and Sharepoint side by side but not connected. One has to go I'm afraid that because sharepoint got here first then I think it is going to be  the winner.

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              Hello Conor - Thank you for this update and I am so sad to hear that the pilot has not been going well. Some questions that come to mind:


              • What are the current pilot projects focused on? Is each project a customer account, product line, other?
              • If people feel Jive is just duplicating tasks, what are those tasks? Would using Jive make those tasks easier?


              You mentioned 5-10 people per project and 40 files. Is the main purpose of a project document sharing? Meaning: I post a document for others to consume? Or, is it document collaboration - I post a document and others should edit and update it as they go?


              Regarding email vs discussions: Do folks currently feel any pain in sharing information via email? Some pain points might be:


              • I get asked the same question over and over because new folks were not on the original thread
              • I try to save all my emails, but I have a mailbox quota and my email search sucks (i.e. hard to find answers in the email archive)


              I helped my company implement an employee community on Jive - our company size at that time was about 500 employees. We are a software development company. One of our key starting goals was to migrate email discussions into the community..


              I hope this is helpful! And I'm happy to discuss further if you like - just let me know!


              Best regards,



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                  HI Trisha, thanks for the reply.


                  Current projects are based around developing software solutions for different contracts. About 80/20 split between sharing and collaboration so 20% of content will have multiple authors and versions. There are practiccally no comments made after documents.


                  I'm not too sure if the current teams using Jive would consider email as a pain point. I'm currently putting together a survey to follow up with users experiences and gather feed back so I will include that question as it would certainly be good to know.


                  I think perhaps I should have set up these projects as Groups instead of Projects as there may be a perception that if a question, for example, is posted as a discussion then it may not reach the correct people quickly enough. Its a pity it is not possible to see who is receiving email notifications with spaces and groups.


                  Perhaps I'm expecting too much at this early stage and the real benefits will become apparent when everyone in the company is involved and not just these pilot teams.


                  I will be adding a few geographically remote teams in the coming days so fingers crossed they will take to Jiving a little more enthusiastically than the teams so far.

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                My guess is that you are right, you won't be able to sustain this alongside a totally separate intranet. However, you could end up using the Jive platform instead of the intranet if you are able to migrate content there.  The nice thing about that is it tends to make the content mroe dynamic so that people can comment on company policies or ask questions around them. And then the questions are stored with the document so other people with those same questions don't have to look far.


                Not having used Jive Express makes it a bit difficult for me to suggest things that could help your implementation. What I can say is that our Jive site didn't pick up steam until people were a bit more confident that it wasn't going away any time soon.


                If there is a way to have an executive or someone post information (weekly blog post, sales update, etc) that is only found there, and have an email sent out with a link to the item, that can help drive adoption. Basically, busy people need a reason to go.


                Though our implementation is a much larger overall company, I've seen adoption in some of the smaller divisions be a bit slower for the reasons described above. Until/unless they had a good carrot tempting them, people were slow to join in. And I'm certain that Trisha will have some good pointers for you as well.

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                    Hi Conor - You may have already seen this thread, but in case you have not: 100 employee Community, Can it work? It contains more stories from other folks and links to a few articles that might be of interest to you.

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                      Hi Tracy, thanks for the reply!


                      Unfortunately there are no out of the box pluggins or scripts to migrate from Sharepoint but our Professional Services people here could probably create a customization to do this if we were to upgrade from Express to Engage.


                      I am putting together an argument for this upgrade and this will certainly be top of the list, why have 2 separate OK systems when you could have 1 great all rounder.


                      You're spot on when you say people are a little wary that this might not be here to stay (and I've thought it once or twice myself but of course never let anyone suspect I was thinking that).


                      I had seen the idea of getting some unique quality content, such as a weekly CEO update, to entice people to join the community and return often but when I pitched that idea to my supervisor it was shot down, for the time being anyway, because there are only these few pilot teams on it so far.


                      So I guess I need to give it more time and just to try and get more people on there. And if we can get a few good results then the upgrade will defiantly be on the cards and then we'll really be in business!

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                          You are right, there are no plug-ins to migrate content. What we did was have each person who was responsible for content manually move it. That had a few benefits:

                          1. It made sure that no unnecessary legacy content got moved. Those documents that were out of date and really should have been retired finally were.
                          2. Documents that were still pertinent all got updated where needed to ensure the content was current.
                          3. It provided some content creation experts - people who now really understood how to use the Jive software and could advocate and help others.


                          I know it is tedious, and so maybe you can only move some of the content at the start. Pick something compelling, or someone willing, and pilot with them. If it goes well, convincing someone else will be easier and you'll have the first person to help you advocate.


                          Best of luck!

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                              Thanks Tracy, some really good advice here.

                              It would be a very tedious job transferring 1000's of files like this but if it had the benefit of clearing out and updating our knowledge base then this method might not be too hard to sell.

                              Then with the added benifit of creating experts and advocates this should be a real winner!


                              Thanks again!