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    Experiences -  migrating intranet to jive?


      Hi all,


      I'm curious for companies that have moved their intranets into jive what was the experience like both technically and in terms of change management for employees (how did they react, etc.?).  Also did you move it to spaces or groups?   Our internal comms team is beginning to think about if they want to move our intranet to jive or not.




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          Some additional questions we want to know are as well,

          - What parts for the former Intranet Ecosystem (repository, applications, ...) you kept behind the scene.

          - How you dropped the "classical" Home Page (mainly the entry door of a lot of Intranet).

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            In addition to the above questions - we are doing an overall on our policies and one of the questions that has surfaced is "where should they live?"  I would love to see us migrate all policies to ULink (our instance of Jive) however, we have a very complex, siloed organization with polices that reach all employees (the standard, regulatory kind) as well as polices that hit only certain countries, states, divisions, work groups, etc.  Therefore, we need a system that is smart enough to know the demographics of the person logging in and which policies would only pertain to that individual.  Not sure if Jive can handle this?

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              We've had several differen divisions do this (migrate intranets to our Jive instance).

              1. No special program written. It was all done manually.
                1. Pro - If the person migrating took time to do it right, the documents got updated and improved in the process, providing benefits to all in terms of better documentation.
                2. Con - Some people tried just copying and pasting and ended up with mesy documents due to formatting incompatibilities.
              2. Since our main structure is spaces, most of the migrated content lives in spaces.
              3. Can't answer the ecosystem question. As I mentioned, they are different divisions. Plus, they were systems I was not responsible for before the transition, so am not aware of what might have stayed behind.
              4. Because we have so many different divisions, there was no one standard homepage. We have a standard homepage for our Jive instance, and it is devoted to surfacing the broader companywide news and information. Each division has its own set of spaces with a homepage on their top-level space. This works well since one of our goals is to break those siloes.
              5. No, Jive cannot segregate the content by demographics and only surface what pertains to a specific individual. But if you have the information stored in such a way that it is obvious who the intended audience is, then people can find what they need. We did run into situations at the start where people were finding the wrong information and not knowing it, so make a concerted effort to reinforce who the audience is using:
                1. Clear descriptive titles
                2. Demographic appropriate tags
                3. Concise description at the very start of the document
                4. "House" the information in a space or group whose name reinforces the nature of the content
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                We migrated our Intranet to Jive manually. I mentioned it in a different post we were using a student who worked with the different content owners. This process ensured the migrated information was up to date and we had no dead links during and after the migration. For a short while our internal comms team posted news on the new Jive system and the old Intranet. Then we stopped that and put a big announcement on the Intranet site for people to change their homepage or bookmarks to the new system. After the migration completed we monitored access to the old site for a few weeks, then shut the system down and put a permamnent re-direct in place.


                similar to Tracy we migrated the Intranet to respective spaces. Some like the Social Club ended up in a group.


                ecosystem. We provided on the Jive homepage and later on most space and group homepages a widget with links to the most used applications.The greatest difficulty we face is having now another "My profile" that people can maintain. While all our users are federated (from LDAP) not all information is managed in Jive. People have a profile in the HR system and in the IT system. Plus we have a worldwide phone list. There is a project underway to address it. But it is a "nice to have" project with limited resources.


                We have a standard homepage across all regional offices. This is much more appreciated and used since Jive as the news content is equally comming from headquarter and regions. A big win - but it took time.


                Policy location: We have strict requirements for regulatory compliance and legislation in our industry. Hence all policies, procedures, work instructions, etc are held in a specific Quality Control system. There are cross links between Jive and the QCS. And the idea is to have the description and discussion about a policy / procedure / etc in Jive but the most recent released document lives in the QCS.

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                  JW11 had some excellent sessions on using the Jive as the intranet.  We have been thinking about this for a while and got technical confirmation that Jive could handle what we were proposing to do with spaces :

                  • One space per business
                  • They have control over subspaces and there is no limit
                  • Spaces are tied to LDAP groups based on a users position in the business, so they DON'T see the hundreds of spaces that will exist, just the 4 or 5 that concern them. 
                  • Spaces are for communication, and they promote Groups that are relevant for that space, and the conversation happens in the groups. 


                  So I'm comfortable with spaces. 


                  But, I started looking at some of our existing areas in the portal and struggle to figure out how to map them to Jive spaces or groups.  Specifically

                  • The HR section of the portal has a main page, with about 5 sub pages, each of which has about 5 sub pages.
                  • Each of these pages is complex, with a core body of text heavily formatted in an html widget in the center, and several widgets to the right, also with complex html showing videos or quotes relevant to the body text.


                  Since a Jive space just gives me one main page, I can't figure out how to map this complex structure.  The only idea that comes to mind is to use Jive documents, and to put everything into html inside the document.  But that is really twisting Jive.  I might as well keep my existing portal. 


                  Anyone have thoughts on this?

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                      Bart.Schutte wrote:


                      • They have control over subspaces and there is no limit

                      When you use the term "no limit" absolutely, well that is not true. We have thousands of spaces on our Jive instance in a model fairly similar to yours and we have run into scaling issues.

                      - Very long load times for Recent Content widget when there are many many many subspaces (in a hierarchy)

                      - Very long load times within the Spaces tab in the Admin Console and/or chances of "breaking" the tree (which can be fixed though support ticket).


                      I would be very careful about the "no limit" terminology. Would suggest making sure each business team has a strong leader who can enforce "good" practice for creating subspaces (i.e. don't use subspaces as replacements for folders).

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                        Andrew Kratz



                        We use Jive as our Intranet home page ( a few months into our launch).  Departments, Business Units and ERG's (employee resource groups) are moving their Intranet web presence over to our Jive implementation.  We did run into the situation you are describing where the group overview page allows for complete customization but then where do you go for the other web pages you need for an HR site (or any intranet site).  There is an idea out in this community for Jive to create the ability to create 1...n web pages within a group that you could navigate to.  But for every person that votes it up there are others that vote it down saying "we don't want to re-create the web 1.0 intranet". 


                        So yes, documents are an option that have worked for us.   I had a conversation with a Jiver that indicated that is how Jive runs their own internal "intranet" (brewspace) - they leverage documents for push down information.   We don't use spaces at all in our implementation (trying to hold the line on recreating the hierarchy).  So with social groups we also have had success leveraging projects as those additional additional "web pages".  I don't know if that is an option within spaces or not??  Projects have a customizable overview page and you create as many as you need.  You can abstract that it in fact a project to the user by not using the project widgets out of the box but rather formatted text or html widgets from the group overview to link to the projects pages.  Also, in using projects (or documents) you have one set of group membership to work with.   


                        One other thought, Could you leverage sub-spaces as additional web-pages and inherit the membership?



                        I have one follow-up on what you wrote (copied below)....


                        • Spaces are tied to LDAP groups based on a users position in the business, so they DON'T see the hundreds of spaces that will exist, just the 4 or 5 that concern them. 


                        Is that a 4.5 function?  I recall pursuing this quite a bit when we were in the sales cycle and didn't think that existed.  It sounds like you are saying we can tie an LDPA group to a space to essentially "force membership" to that space without the invite/accept model...is that right?


                        Hope this is helpful,


                        Andrew Kratz

                        The McGraw-Hill Companies

                        Jive - Internal collaboration

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                            Andrew Kratz wrote:

                            Is that a 4.5 function?  I recall pursuing this quite a bit when we were in the sales cycle and didn't think that existed.  It sounds like you are saying we can tie an LDAPgroup to a space to essentially "force membership" to that space without the invite/accept model...is that right?

                            No, it's not a new feature.


                            I'd say it's less about "membership" (as with Jive's social Groups feature), but a way for the space admins to set permissions on the "back end" to customize the view for a specific set of users. And to make it frictionless by not asking the users to have to join a secret group or something like that. It all happens automatically -- if you're in the LDAP security group.

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                                To build on KC's comments....we have been going through similar discussions. We've gone back and forth on the Spaces vs Groups question, how we lessen the administration load, and how we set this up for dozens of client teams. The attached PowerPoint is a simplified version of where we are headed.


                                In simple terms,

                                • A few spaces for large clients and big departments.
                                • Groups for everything else.
                                • In the PPT, the "blue" are the Spaces and the "orange" are the Groups.


                                Related, you can map an Active Directory group to a Jive Permission Group. These groups can then by sync'd up on a nightly basis.


                                For example, I have 100 people in AD group "Client Team A" which syncs with Jive Permission Group "Client Team A". As I add/remove people from the AD group that will automatically sync with Jive so I can control it from one place (AD).

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                                    That's a really interesting approach.


                                    Our issue with spaces is that with a distributed "admin" role as you create spaces/subspaces then people get to become admins (so they can edit the Overview page, etc.), which then gives them the ability to create subspaces as well.

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                                      Tim Gray

                                      Bill Chamberlain


                                      Bill, we are interested in the AD/Connect permission mapping you mention, but haven't found any documentation and further to a Jive case we raised, didn't get any insight from there - can you provide any details as to documentation/process re setting this mapping up?


                                      Thanks very much.

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                                          We're also just now starting down the global AD path, and I'm interested in any feedback people have with respect to "getting it right". As I read through this thread just now, I am seeing that there are additional aspects that hadn't occurred to me. Like assigning an AD group to a permission group to control Jive permissions. But I think that would work only for spaces and not groups (which fortunately for this situation is largely how we are organized).


                                          Kevin Crossman or others using AD already - any gotchas or things to add to requirements or be aware of in advance?

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                                            I had to go back and think through this a bit as my post was from October and my knowledge and thinking has evolved since then!


                                            • We ended up with a mix of Groups and Spaces.
                                            • We really pushed Groups as they are self-administered and IT does not need to get involved.
                                            • We moved away from our "small clients in Groups and large clients in Spaces" theory. ALL client teams are in Groups. This allows them to add/remove people as needed.
                                            • We have spaces more around functional areas (HR, IT, Finance, Regions, etc.) In my mind, we ended up a bit Space heavy as it was an ongoing challenge to get people to think beyond a folder/hierarchal structure that they are accustomed. (We've gone back and done some revamping of some Spaces....in one case taking a structure of 50 spaces/subspaces/5 levels down to about 10. (a primary and a 2nd level)
                                            • We created AD security groups that are attached to the high level Spaces. There are about 15 total. (IT, HR, etc., one for each Region, one for 3-4 Divisions, and then a few specialty ones) At this point, our primary use of the AD groups is to control access into Jive. We've left the Spaces pretty open in that everyone can see most content. This is good as it keeps our lives simple. It could get messy down the road though if the security requirements get granular.
                                            • The other thing that is messy and will be a headache down the road is all the "Admin Overrides" setup for various Space owners. You completely avoid this issue with Groups.
                                            • Tim Gray not sure I completely answered you question or not. This might also help LDAP and Active Directory Lessons Learned


                                            If you have any follow up questions on this, let me know.

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                                                Bill Chamberlain wrote:


                                                • The other thing that is messy and will be a headache down the road is all the "Admin Overrides" setup for various Space owners. You completely avoid this issue with Groups.

                                                That's indeed a headache. There is in Jive the functionality to revoke access rights in sub spaces. When we built our Jive ecosystem we seeded the space structure for the top 3 levels, named the administrators and took their admin rights away a level down to avoid the above problem. In our ongoing internal training of Jive administrators this is a key learning element.


                                                I would like to see that functionality (revoking rights) for access groups. In 4.5 it's only available for individuals.

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                                                  Thank you so much for your insight.  We just started a discussion of how to accomplish these permission groups for our HR Department.  You're insights were great and the additional documentation was extremely helpful!

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                                            Interesting alternatives for trying to get more pages into a group.  I think creating subspaces just to have one more page is a heavy solution,  I don't want to go there. 


                                            I would also vote down the enhancement for Jive to allow multiple pages.  I want them to stay focused on social collaboration. 


                                            What could be an alternative is to have a Jive App that gives you this ability.  In the future, when Apps are supported inside groups, then you could have as many as you want. 


                                            For now, I lean towards letting our portal live on a while more. 

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                                            We are planning how we could migrate from an old social platform and an old static intranet into a single Jive platorm for a social intranet. So this is a very timely thread for me!
                                            So in essence, you have 'one page' per space but have a number of 'sub-spaces' to give further granularity. Lets take an intranet HR site as an example just to clarify in my mind:

                                            (Spaces & Sub-Spaces)

                                            • HR
                                              • Reward
                                              • Performance
                                              • Vacancies
                                              • Organisational Development


                                            Then anything that requires multiple 'pages' under those you break out into doc's?