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    Training Decks

      Hi guys,

      I'm pretty new to this community, and have spent some time looking around recently. We are using Jive within our company, and as an internal community manager, I will be helping train people in using the community. I'm wondering if anyone has any awesome training decks that they wouldn't mind sharing. Let me know, and I appreciate any help in advance!

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          Hi Alyssa -


          This deck is not internal community management specific but it does cover the basics of community management:

          We also recently published The State of Community Management which is a good reference document for new community managers:

          Hope that is helpful. Cheers - Rachel

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            I'm planning a 'training tour' that will include workshops and sessions revolving around using the employee community / intranet.  My team would be visiting our various company offices and conducting these sessions.  In reference to Alyssa Rosengarden 's original question, does anyone have slide decks or lesson plans specific to training employees on how to use Jive?  I'm working on content now, but I'm curious to see what others have already done rather than reinventing the wheel.

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                My experience is that it is best to avoid slide decks altogether. Just get in there and show right in the site how to use it. The way that I've done training, I always have a barebones agenda that I share in advance of the sessions, but I encourage people to ask questions and guide the session as we go. I typically offer a basic class (mostly centered around finding content and creating content) and an advanced class (more detailed information on content creation, creating and managing groups, using widgets)  and try to keep them short. Make sure to take attendance, and try to jot notes during the session, and then when it is done, I send a copy of what was covered with links to help documents on those same topics so they can refresh their memories on specifics if necessary.


                Keep in mind that a lot of this depends on what features you have. If, for example, you have implemented Ideation, then a class on how to implement ideas within a group or space might be good. If you have the mobile module, you might want to spend some time on that. We've also found that having some time set aside for one-on-one help, or setting up sessions with a single department can be helpful.