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    Use of Documents & Blogs

      I was wondering what purpose documents and blogs serve in your company. Do you see users creating and contributing to documents or blogs more? How have you made the distinction between the two? We have a few resources on this topic (mainly the Jive 4.5 documentation), but what have you seen? Also, what do you think about personal blogs? They are enabled for everyone right now.


      We have blogs enabled in all of our spaces and groups, but we are thinking of disabling blogs in groups. Personally, I prefer reading blogs to documents, but that's just me. Bottom line, we are not sure how to handle (and ensure "appropriate" use of) these features.





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          For the way we are using our system, we will probably have more blogs than documents. We think of blogs as nice-to-know content that would have been sent in an email before our deployment. For us, documents are the supporting material (FAQs, policies, training resources, etc) and blogs help provide additional context, and you can see a timeline of blog postings. Blogs serve as our "recent news' for the various spaces in our community.


          We have personal blogs enabled which allows team members to share whatever they want (so long as it doesn't go against the terms of use). We basically follow Jive's documentation about the difference between blogs, docs, and discussions.

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              At the moment, we have loads of documents, but I feel like blogs are more personal than documents. Do you see a lot of users visiting your community just to catch up on blogs? I think that could be a big draw for getting our users to return to the site.


              Thanks for your response!

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                  I think we have some of both. We are in the process of getting our Executives to blog on the site, so that will draw a lot of views. Most of the blogs at our space level come from business owners (team members can comment and create discussions at the space level) and most of the blogs at the group level comes from the group owner (which is typically a department leader). We see more discussions in our groups than anything. We are still trying to get a handle on tracking view and such.


                  We are a little bit unique in the way that we are operating in a retail environment with a lot of part-time and front-line staff, but i know that they are responsible for reading updates (blogs) in their group to know whats going on in their dept. Blogs are used for those types of updates, so I forsee that they will continue to grow. (long answer to your question, I know!).

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                    I put this together based on some documentation from Jive. I think this illustrates why Blogs feel more personal than you.


                    The other key thing is that Blogs are written "at a place in time" and aren't something that are constantly updated over time, such as an FAQ or contact list document might be.


                    Content Types
                    Typical Use
                    Collaboration Style
                    Writing Style
                    • Instructions and reference
                    • Reports and best practices
                    • Project deliverables
                    • Many authors
                    • Many changes
                    • Comments optional

                    Second Person
                    (or Third Person)



                    • State an opinion
                    • Point to something interesting
                    • Announcements
                    • One or few authors
                    • Few updates /changes
                    • Comments expected

                    First Person


                    Formal or Informal

                    • Ask a question
                    • Make a suggestion
                    • Discuss shared interests and concerns
                    • Many authors
                    • Responses expected
                    • Robust threads develop over time
                    • Answer questions

                    First Person



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                  And thanks so much for you fantastic responses!