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    Any experiences securing tags for content in private spaces?


      Hi.  We just discovered a known issue in Jive where the tags created for content in private spaces are surfaced in the popular tags cloud.  We have one department whose work is in early development and who would like to secure sensitive content.  I'm sure this is not uncommon, as maybe purchasing departments or legal or HR might have similar content they want to collaborate on.


      But any tags on this content are exposed and have been discovered.  The content itself is still secure; clicking on the tag URL generates an error message.  However, depending on the tag names themselves, information can still be exposed.  We're looking at ways around this and wonder if any other internal communities have any experiences in securing tags for private content.


      For reference, here is a relevant discussion about the known limitations of tagging:  https://community.jivesoftware.com/message/439055