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    New Employees - Onboarding


      We're working on ideas to bring new additions to the organization into our optional internal community. 


      For example:


      Include overview demo during new hire orientation (I'd like to have orientation on our community, but each business unit has their own)

      Send welcome/invite emails to new hires (I'm wondering if this can be done automatically.)


      What are some other things that you have tried?

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          We include the link to our social community in new hire materials.  Also, many of our organizations have existing spaces, so they generally direct new hires to check out the spaces as part of their onboarding (and particularly if their systems or cubicles are not ready).


          I guess, on a higher level, I'd say make the experience and the content so relevant that they HAVE to go there.  Maybe work with HR to develop a page on the community with links to all the forms that a new hire has to complete.  Create a simple five things to do list (complete a profile, introduce yourself etc.).


          Hope this generates other ideas!