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    Transitioning newsletters to Jive


      Hi everyone! This is my first post! We are in the process of creating our Jive community. We currently have an online newsletter that is sent to all employees via e-mail (Lotus Notes). It is a weekly e-mail with about 10-15 stories. We're looking to move this content to Jive and have many questions. I'd love to hear about how others have done this. Or, you can contact me directly.

      Thanks for your help.


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          Hi Debbie,


          I actually worked with someone internally to do just this. They create the individual "articles" of the newsletter using the blog functionality, and then send a weekly summary with titles and leading blurbs that link back to the original articles. Part of the reason for this half-measure was a perceived need to "ween" folks off of the email newsletters in the interim. I've found that it's been really useful, and we're able to track which individual articles generate both the most views and the most clicks from the summary, which has been nice since Jive doesn't track notification views / clicks.


          Cheers -- and good luck!


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              Hi Shannon,

              I'm wondering if you'd be willing to provide a little more information on how you're handling your newsletter. We want to do something similiar, but have multiple authors that will be creating the news. I'm considering creating a Sales News group (but in order to let all employees comment on articles, I "think" I have to make it an "Open" group, which means anyone can submit content), and letting anyone create blog entries. Then once a week, I'd like to do a roll-up of all news article headers (and possibly the first sentence of each blog article) and emailing that out to all subscribers (i.e., followers of hte new blog). I'm not sure if there's a way to automate the weekly summary email. Would love your advice/lessons learned from what you're doing.




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              We use a similar method as Shannon.  We have the author create a discussion item in the community.  We collect the first sentence or two along with the link to the article and put those in the newsletter.  People like this as a reminder of the important items that they did not get around to looking at when it was first published.


              Another community took the next step of just sending a reminder to go look at the new items in the community.  This was more a news stream since the news is dynamic and was added as it happened.  The reminder just went out at the start of the month.


              Using tags and RSS widgets, you can easily display the current items and then "move" them into an archive.


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                Check out this doc UBM initiative - content curation that has a newsletter example.