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    Profile Templates

      I am working on creating a  template for profiles that we can use to standardize profile  information. Currently, people can write just about anything about  themselves, which can often lead to searches bringing up the wrong  person. For instance, if I write that I am interested in "Business in  Latin America," I will show up in a search in my company when my job  function here is actually NOT business in Latin America even though I  did study it in school.


      ???    SO -- does anyone have examples of profile templates within Jive-hosted  platforms? Which fields are most-useful when trying to locate a  specific expert? Any help/suggestions at all would be  much-appreciated!!!



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          Alex - wish I had something to share...we are trying to do the same thing as you are, and so I would be interested in any guidance others have along these lines.  I'd also be open to a discussion outside the forum to see if we can help each other out as we move towards similar goals...



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            Hi Alex, welcome to the Jive Community! I moved your question from the Business area to the Internal Community Managers group. It's one spot where all the cool kids hang out.


            My one piece of advice would be to add a field labeled: "Ask me about:" and leave the Expertise and Biography fields there. Let people write whatever they want, but educate them that "Ask me about:" is where they should list the expertise that they are being paid to share.


            If your culture is tag-savvy, teach them to include those very same phrases and words as tags on their profile. This will actually affect search results better.

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                Thanks Gia, and thank you Jim for your interest.


                I like the idea of "Ask me about:", do you have a place/screenshot/etc. that would provide me with an example of this?


                In our company, we are trying to direct people to the most-useful of experts that would be able to answer their questions. At the same time, we would like to be able to make the search functional enough to become an "expert locator." Perhaps there would be additional fields required, or perhaps this "Ask me about" field would be enough...?

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                For our general population, we have added a "Biography" area to our template as well as "Current Projects I am Working on".  For our IT individuals, an "Expertise: field is auto populated from PeopleSoft as all individuals in the IT family are required to list and provided rating to their Technical Expertise.  At some point, I would like to get this corporate-wide but this is a good start for us for now.  In addition, we have Practice Area Experts (PAE) inside our IT family.  These individuals are experts in a particular topic area in IT (i.e. Java) and have been nominated and approved for this honor.  These individuals have a specific badge (icon) associated with their profile so everyone knows they hold this expertise.  We also do the same (in terms of badge recognition) for our green, black and master black belts.  One thing that would be great is a search feature on such badges so the individuals in Jive (ULink for UHG) can be quickly and easily identified.  Gia - any thoughts on that or would it be a feature request.  

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                    Our current problem is that the biography field gives you a space to say past areas you may have been interested in, but do not necessarily work on now, and that this influences what comes up in the search. For instance if I write that I love to travel to Africa, and then someone searches for Africa regional experts and I show up, then the expert locator has failed.


                    I like the badge idea, could you perhaps provide a screen shot of that? Or a link? Or perhaps just elaborate on it??

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                      I am bumping this old thread because we have a new initiative around this same topic.  We want to highlight the skills of our technical team in a quick and easy way using user's profiles. 


                      I like the idea of auto populating the expertise field from your database but I'm curious how you sync the expertise and the rating together?  We are looking to somehow allow users to choose three fields as it related to expertise:


                      1. Technical skill (drop-down menu and open option)
                      2. Experience level (drop-down menu - maybe 3 levels)
                      3. What the user can offer for each technical skill - training, answer quick questions, work on projects, etc (this would be open form)


                      I also like the badge idea and would also be interested in some screen shots if anyone has successfully implemented something similar.  I envision a badge for a particular technical skill such as Python and then the badge could be color coded Bronze, Silver, Gold, for example, depending on the expertise level.  Then, the user could write a little blurb about their skills and what they can offer.  Is something like that available in the gamification module?  We are now on cloud so we are limited on our customizations.


                      Has anyone done something like this lately?


                      copying Joey Levi

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                          Hi Kim,


                          While you COULD use the advanced gamification for this and manually award badges, it would be pretty labor intensive and doesn't offer much in the way of benefit (other than the possible ego boost to the employee), Badges aren't (yet?) searchable or browsable. This means that all it offers is a bit of bling on someone's profile and/or hover card. There isn't a way, for example, to see everyone that has a specific badge. You could likely do that in the gamification console, but that isn't generally the point. In my experience people that want this assume it will provide them visibility for specific skill sets. Of course your dropdowns would help accomplish that.