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    ROI Articles/Stats for External Communities


      External Community Managers


      I'm an Internal Community Manager, helping out a new team in my company who is trying to start an external customer support community and they are looking for ROI information to build their case.


      Do you have any articles you have run across on the topic that you could share with me?


      Thank you!

      Cora Rodenbusch

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          Hi Cora - thanks for posting! Before linking to articles, the first things I would ask are:


          • What measures would the company like to increase/change?
          • Why is the company choosing to create an external support community?


          Some answers might be:


          • Reduce the number of support phone calls (how would you correlate between the support community and the call center?)
          • Increase customer satisfaction (how would this be measured?)


          StrongMail recently surveyed their customers and the positive response was phenomenal. You can check out the response here: https://community.jivesoftware.com/message/614561#614561


          Hope this is helpful!



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              Hi Cora,


              I'm StrongMail's community manager and I'd be happy to answer any questions. I agree with Trisha. The answers to the questions she poses will help build a case for the support community.


              For StrongMail, we were experiencing fast growth and with that growth, our support team wasn't scaling to address the increase in volume of support cases. Additionally, the types of support cases that were being filed were equivalent to calling 911 for parking tickets, to quote my colleague. The community has addressed that.


              Moreover, the community provides a dynamic repository of tested and true solutions shared by our customers with the community. It's a perfect example of how customers turn to each other to find answers to their support questions.


              let me know if you'd like more info.