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    How are you creating change within your organization? (Call for Stories)

    Jennifer Kelley

      Social business success involves more than selecting the right technology platform - it also requires organizations to reassess and modify behavioral norms, culture and processes.  As part of JiveWorld 11, we are planning a session devoted to the cultural aspects of social business implementations.


      Do you have experience in this area?  We want to hear your stories - the good, the bad and the ugly!  What obstacles have you encountered or overcome?  What lessons learned, epiphanies or best practices would you share with others?  Where have you triumphed or, alternatively, found your efforts thwarted?


      Please share your story or thoughts, and don't hesitate to reach out to me directly if this is a sensitive subject.  Thank you for your input!




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          This has definitely been a major item.  We have seen success and some not so successful efforts.  My key message is to become part of the process and not try to make big behavior changes.  We have a shift in the workforce where the new folks are Ok being logged in all the time and using a community space.  We have some very email centric  folks that do not want to login to anything.  Adjusting the community features and design to fit the needs of the members is important.