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    Can't see Admin tab


      Hi Ryan,


      I have the Admin Essentials plugin (4.0.3) installed in our development instance (4.0.9). I have full access permission, but i can't see the Admin tab to get at the plugin... Any help is appreciated. Thanks!




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          Ryan Rutan

          That's weird...Never had that happen before.  You are a Full System Admin?  Are there anything in the logs when you system is starting up?  Also, did you grab the Admin Essentials version from the latest 4.0 downloads on the Download page?  I wont lie...I havent had anyone ask me about 4.0.x in a while...so will need to take a look.


          Never had an issue though with the Tab not showing up....so something must be erroring out causing the Admin plugin to not register all together.


          Let me know. =)

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              Hi Ryan, I installed teh latest 4.0 download yesterday, we restarted the instance this morning, and it still is not showing the Admin tab.


              I am not sure what I need to look for in the logs though.... would it help if I sent you the log file for this morning's restart?