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    mail_template_i18n_en_US.xml question


      I am trying to use the JiveFreemarkerManager class in my content type. I created the file mail_template_i18n_en_US.xml and put it in my resources directory.

      I have attached my mail_template_i18n_en_US.xml. The template name is <template name="sev1.update.email" displayName="Urgent Email Update">.


      using the following code:


      JiveFreemarkerManager freemarkerManager = JiveApplication.getContext().getFreemarkerManager();

      String templateName = "sev1.update.email";

      SimpleHash hash = new SimpleHash();
      hash.put("ticket", ticket);

      String docURL = JiveResourceResolver.getJiveObjectURL(ticket, true);
      hash.put("contentURL", docURL);
      hash.put("user", ticket.getLastUpdatedUser());
      hash.put("container", ticket.getContainer());

      Locale locale = new Locale("en_US");

      htmlMail = TemplateUtil.applyFreemarkerTemplate(hash, templateName, locale);


      However I am getting the error FileNotFound sev1.update.email:enUS



      All I am trying to do is load an email template from within my plugin so I can send the email.