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    External Community-Facing Benchmarks

      Hi everyone,


      I've been tasked with revisiting our external-facing community benchmarks, and creating an action plan to jumpstart community registrations and participation.


      For benchmarks, I'm focusing on the following:



      • Average daily/weekly active participants
        • Average new daily/weekly registrations per week
        • Average daily visits
        • Average daily bounce rate
        • Average page views per visit


        I'm also looking at:


        • # of contributions per user
        • registration form completion rates
        • usage of refer-a-friend & social media tools


        Couple of questions for my fellow CMs: am I missing any key metrics in your opinion, and can anyone shed light on what would be considered "healthy" stats for the above? For example, I've read that a homepage bounce rate of less than 30% is considered good, as is at least 6 pageviews per visit, and a registration completion rate of more than 30%.


        I'd love to know folks' thoughts on standard # of contributions per user (is it true that most communities are comprised of 1%-3% "power posters"...and what exactly constitutes a "power poster"?) For the average community member, what is considered to be a healthy # of contributions?


        I want to make sure our goals are ambitious, yet not wildly out of reach... and advance apologies if some of these questions are very elementary.


        Many thanks, and happy Monday to all.