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    Comments on Blogs, Documents and Videos Not Indexed by Search Engines


      I've noticed that comments posted on blogs, documents and videos are being indexed by Google.  These generated positive PageRank and also provides additional content that users can find.


      Has anyone else encounterest this issue on Jive 4.0+? Anyone able to resolve is so that the text can be indexed by Google and other search engine bots?


      Here's how I identified this:

      1. Search for the URL of the page in Google
        • e.g. community.jivesoftware.com/community/support/blog/2010/03/01/important-announcement-about-sbs-support
      2. On the search results, click Cached to see what Google indexed on this page
        • You'll notice that none of the comments text appears


      An alternative method is to search for the comments text in Page Source view or viewing the webpage with Lynx browser.