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    JIVE and how to manage « document » ?


      We are (Devoteam) a consulting services company, we have been using JIVE (WEEZ internally) for a year now. We are very successful internally; more than 50% of our employees log in the platform every week and more than 1500 unique visitors every day.


      Our next step is make our employees use WEEZ as a daily platform to perform their work. The challenge is to make users understand that it is about inventing new ways of working.
      We are focusing our user case on topics like team work efficiency, sales activities, account management…


      Nevertheless, I would like to share a problem I have with you.
      My struggle today is “document management”, users are still lost not to find hierarchy to organize content (especially when it is more than 100 documents for one topic) and tend not to understand what tags and categories are.

      We (in Devoteam) are not using document management system (like Alfresco, sharepoint), we only are using JIVE and file servers (which are most of the time not accessible outside the firewall).
      Few users and IT managers believe that we need to invest in document management tool because JIVE is not enough.

      I’m deeply convinced that we don’t need a document management system. I believe that if we had such system it would kill the collaboration that is taking place around the document in JIVE (comments, discussion, like, bookmark…) and kill the new way of work spirit that is happening within our company.


      Do you guys agree with our strategy ?

      How can I improve my communication towards the employees? How can I show the business value ?

      Is anyone facing the same situation?
      How to educate / communicate with your employees regarding document in JIVE ?


      I’m looking forward to reading you.


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          Great question!


          I love to have a perfect answer. We also use Jive and file services at present as we found the collaboration part was a bigger provblem compared to the document management part. However, we see that larg'ish documents don't fit well into Jive. Cutting them into chapters which are stored as Jive documents makes it easy to generate a great chapter, keep track on the latest version and the document is locked ('checked out') when some one is editing it. The problems start after that. Collating the pieces into one document doesn't work well (just mention the formatting) and controlling the changes into the released document are not supported well in Jive either. For other type of documents this process doesn't work at all. Hence we are more convinced that investing into a DM system is very usefull. Keeping it in sync with the collaboration system is necessary. There has been a The specified item was not found.s by Jennifer B last year to that respect which I find very helpful.

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            I had a similar situation but the documents are only 100 or so. The docs were just spread around. We tried to use tags etc, but it was very difficult to present the docs in any structured fashion. Finally one of our team members found a script which allows as to build a structure...but it is only limited to one layer for now. We implemented the same script 3 times to get 3 categories, each category can have many groups and thus it works out. From the all docs tab you can see which doc was updated when, establish a manual review, update process and also the Jive workflow for approval based posting. It works out fine for a medium kind of need...100-200 docs of few pages each. You can also make a doc containing links to other docs and use it in the groups I mention above. It is certainly not adequate if you have 1000's of say 1-2 page knowledge base articles, or 100's of say books (say product documentation). You have to pick the one which works for you. The connector option is also great if you have the use case.


            If you are interested I can connect you with our team member to provide more details. Please email me offline so I don't miss it.




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              Hi Elise,


              Did you read this thread and in particular the answer of Kevin Crossman on the use of document : https://community.jivesoftware.com/message/658555#658238 ?


              Another thing to feed your thoughts : for what I understood from the Jive Alfresco Toolkit, it that it should bring the same user experience as if the document were stored in Jive but being stored in fact in Alfresco. It could be a way to bring the best of the two worlds (DMS & Social Network). This way, you keep your DMS as a DMS with all the related features and Jive remains the social layer. On the paper, it sounds quite interesting than putting everything in Jive.

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                Hi Elise.  I can't remember where I've read information on this, but I have the impression that Jive does not intend to be a fully fleshed out document management system.  It sees itself as a connector to other documentation systems that are integrated into Jive's collaboration features.


                That being said, we are going with using categories to organize content within a space (or project or group).  We drew a diagram of our space structure that included categories within the spaces to illustrate organization of the content.  It may help to diagram your vision to help people to see the possibilities of using tags and categories.


                I would also recommend getting to the root of what your users are looking for and what their struggles are.  There is likely some validity to their concerns and I find it helps to try and meet them where they are while you work through the issues.