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    Username Restrictions


      Hey Everyone!


      Has anyone found a way to enforce 'rules' around usernames which can be created during registration?  I'd like to prevent use of our company name (and permutations thereof) in usernames as well as the use of personal information -such as a telephone number. 



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          In the past, we had a bit of trouble with members using their email address as a username (problematic because username can not be set to private), but we never created rules other than a message on our registration page. So I'm interested in what you find out.


          ...and if you're making a list of exclusions, you may want to add @ to them.

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            I have worked on an implementation that had to address this issue. Because it is involved in the financial services industry, our Risk, Compliance and Legal requirements were extensive. I can't go into the specifics, but it is possible to address the solution from various angles. We implemented a customization that extends the interceptors to multipe UGC inputs (think username) and a host of options to send it to moderation (think wildcards+).


            Good luck.