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    Supporting executive blogging - ideas anyone?

      I am the Enterprise Community Manager at a company of 20k+ global employees. We have just finished up a 6 month pilot for Jive and now we are gearing up for adoption initiatives.  There are around 4 executives that are interested in blogging.  I want to make sure that I go in with a solid plan before engaging executives.  I have already met with 3 of them to gather requirements and to get some idea of what type of support they are going to need to accomplish blogging consistently. So here are some of my thoughts and questions.  Any help is appreciated.


      1. Our instance is internal only and is "out of the box" with very little customization.

      2. The execs that I have talked to want their blog featured on their business units Space.  In other words when you open the Space - you would see their most recent blog front and center. Currently I am using the Featured Content widget to do this.  However, how do I feature other content without interfering with the blogs visibility? Is there another widget that I can use to accomplish this with the blog?

      3.  The executives don't mind writing their own blog, but in reality to keep the blog on task and consistently published they need support. Many of executives travel internationally.  They can access out Jive platform through our virtual network. But because of computing security issues, we do not have the mobile applications turned on.  So, it is cumbersome for an exec to update their blog while traveling.  Any creative ideas on how to support execs and their blogging activities?

      4.  I am thinking of giviing each exec a digital recorder so that they can record their blog. We could do two things: a.) post the audio file as a podcast and b.) transcribe their words into a written blog and post.  Each person's blog is tied to their profile and account, is there a capability for a ghost writer to post an article to someone else's blog without logging into their profile?


      Thank you for your input!


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          If everyone understands the amount of work and the need for continuous updating that a Blog needs, then this is great.  If the option to publish a Blog post using email is available, it may help with the updates while on the road.   You can look at an using the RSS feed widget to display the blogs.  That gives you the option to show around 200 characters of the posts.  I like the audio idea.  It should be easier and faster for the executives.  it would also add tone and improve the connection with the employees.


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            1. Our instance is similar, so I hope I can give some helpful feedback.
            2. Will the executives be the only one blogging on their space? If so, I would suggest either using the Recent Blogs widget, or using an RSS feed widget for the blog, as Mike suggested. You can then use the Featured Content widget for the other important content on the space.
            3. If desired, an executive can set up a few blogs, and set them to publish while they are traveling. Then they won't have to worry about publishing on the road, but their staff can still benefit. They can also blog in a Word document while traveling, and transfer their new blog ideas to the blog and set them to post at specific times when they are back. This can provide a more relaxed use of the blog, so the executive is not feeling the need to make time on a daily or weekly basis. They can set the blog up on their own time, and be assured it will post when they want it to.
            4. I think this is a great idea. You could also look into a product called Yodio, in which they can call into their Yodio account and create their spoken blog, without having to fumble with a recorder. If it is a shared Yodio account, the support staff can prepare the audio while the executive is traveling. As far as I know, the only way to post content as a user is to use their account. Another option would be for their support staff to be able to post a blog, letting the additional staff know that it is from the executive.

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                Both of these answers were very helpful. I am going to use the RSS feed for the blog and I am also going to incorporate the idea of scheduling publication.  I will work on the podcast (audio) file idea as well.  I will give an update soon!  Thanks

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                  Heather .... I've been looking at how we can create podcasts and posting them in our Jive community. I looked at Yodio, but the one thing that concerns me is that all postings to Yodio are reviewed by their staff. They state that they listen to audio and review all images. That concerns me a bit from a confidentiality standpoint. Do you have any suggestions on that, or if you know how to post internal podcasts in Jive?  Thanks!

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                      The security concern could definitely be a problem in some companies. I actually used this product for a class (not work-related) and found it easy to use and helpful in what I needed to accomplish. However, I suspect other open source software similar to Yodio may have the same Terms and Conditions. From what I know of SBS, if the podcast contains audio only, you should be able to upload it directly to the site. However, if it contains video, it may need to be hosted on another site (such as YouTube, Slideshare, etc.) and then embeded. You may need to check with your support to determine what types of files you are able to upload.

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                    We do a lot of Skype interviews with execs and upload the recording as a video.

                    Vodburner is a nice tool that allows you to toggle easily between single and duel screen for interview formatting.