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    Anyone have examples of successful contests they have run in/using your community?


      I'm doing a presentation at the Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston and looking for examples. Graphics and a description of what you did would be great. And let me know if I can name your company or not.


      Thanks in advance!

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          Hi Tracy - we have run a number of contests. The first was called Neo In-site we asked people "What Neo (our community) will do for you! How do you plan to use it and what difference will it make to your life? We would love to hear your success stories."


          We had over 500 responses - we drew up a shortlist and our business sponsor picked the final 8 winners. Their story was then shared on Neo. We created a group to house all of the responses. We have now adapted the group to collect Neo success stories.




          We have also run numerous competitions to get people to fill out their profile on Neo Days, these have included organising photographers to take photos, ice creams for people who complete their profile on the day. We have also entered every profile completion into draws to win flip cameras, iTunes vouchers etc. the days work better than a long competition as they create a buzz and get people excited. Having lots of evangelists to run these days is critical as well as having access to a couple of laptops to upload and complete profiles there and then.


          I have photos of some of the days we have held across the world email me if you are interested.


          Happy for you to mention Pearson.

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              Hi Kim England - I think this might be an old post ... but I am just working on a contest for the ACE Group jive system and I am curious how you calculated winners. Did you just run a report of how many people participated in the profile completion and then use that report to randomly draw names? I have developed a series of 5 challenges as a sort of Olympics - so quick, easy activities over a period of time - and I need to figure out how we will identify the winners...

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                  Andrew Kratz



                  I did work on a profile based contest at a client.  The SAP report is pretty simple to create to get you the raw data you need.  When you get into the details you may end up with a bit more complexity around what qualifies for "filling out your profile".  For this client there were 2 or 3 key fields they wanted to see (the typical bio, expertise and interests, I think).  So they wanted to give someone credit for filling out their profile if they had 2 of the 3 filled out.  Since ACE has been launched for awhile you also need to decide if it just for people who fill out the profile DURING the contest period or is anyone that filled out key fields on the profile eligible.  If you did want to only do it during the contest period you could run the report to take a baseline of who has already filled it out.  After the contest, re-run it and toss out those that filled the fields out prior to the contest.  I personally don't like that approach as you would be penalizing those that took initiative.  But I could see that being a smart way to do it if you had a previous contest for those other folks. 


                  You would pull the reports down into excel so you can implement any complex rules you might have such as the 2 out of 3....Excel also makes it pretty easy to generate random winners.   Nick Thomas could probably write the report...happy to coach him on that as a colleague.  Plus it always fun to hear a Brit talk about the supebowl.


                  good luck!




                  PS  The contest is a form of gamification.  To have a more sustainable approach look into Bunchball so that you can create missions and get very specific on tasks you want people to conduct.  Similar to what you see out here on Jive (check out anyone's profile)...but you can ACE-ize them to get people excited about winning ACE badges!  It does not motivate everyone, but you would be surprised how many people get into that stuff.

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                      Thanks Andrew! I reached out to Nick this morning and hope to connect with him today. I agree we will be counting all profiles completed (whether they did it before or after the contest). I am aware of Bunchball and will follow-up to see where ACE stands on this. Last time I asked it was under consideration. But thank you for the reminder. We need to measure 5 challenges over a period of a few weeks, launching them every 10 days or so:


                      1.# profile completion (pic, bio, specialties, avatar)

                      then some fun ones:

                      2. # my3people (3 famous/not famous/real/fictional/living/dead who they'd like to have dinner with) - and I want to award based on participation (as a total % of employees by region and then by division) and popularity (who gets most likes)

                      3. # teamsuperhero - each team/division can create a superhero and answer 6 questions about them and then post - again measured by participation and popularity

                      4.# QandA - highest participation by region in Village Care that day

                      5.# stories - how AGV has helped them - people can submit in text, video, song, comic - and measure again by participation and popularity


                      Any ideas??? Great to hear from you and hope you are doing well

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                          Hi Jane -- just a few issues to consider around profile completion (which is a real bugbear -- for many of us, I think) as you proceed with your contest. You'll get a lot of people questioning why they have to fill out their profiles -- what's the big deal? I don't use Facebook. I don't want people to find me. etc., etc. Here are a few things I like to say (although I still suspect it goes in one ear and out the other):


                          -- Our Jive instance isn't a social network. It's our virtual office. Your profile is a virtual handshake, a way to introduce yourself to colleagues, a way to make a good (or any) impression.


                          -- A complete profile saves your colleagues time when they need to locate you and / or your contact information.


                          -- Think about what details you would need / want if you were looking up a colleague and add that information to your own profile.


                          Below is part of a blog post I wrote about profile completion. You won't want to go out with this, but if users really start quibbling about filling out profiles, feel free to copy and paste!



                          ... Which is where [Jive instance] profiles come in -- profiles are a far more effective way of locating colleagues than painstakingly compiling phone lists that are pinned to walls and stored in e-mail because [Jive instance] is automatically updated when employees start / leave.

                          Completing your profile is not about gaining points or socializing; it’s about making it quick and easy for colleagues to find you, about not hindering their efforts to do their jobs properly. When you don't bother to take a few minutes to fill out your profile and co-workers have difficulty tracking you down, you're wasting their time.

                          The more complete you can make your profile the better (of course!) but for the purposes of enabling colleagues to find you, it is particularly important to add your:

                          • Job title
                          • Phone number
                          • Address
                          • Business
                          • Expertise / tags
                          • Manager’s name and assistant’s name (if applicable)

                          Often, users wonder what to enter for expertise and tags: what is your function? Your main tasks and responsibilities? What applications / systems / processes do you use? Add all of that information. Think about the last time you couldn't find someone; now think about what you would have needed to know to look them up and add those sorts of details to your own profile.

                          And here are a few not immediately obvious but handy profile tips that I learned along the way:

                          • If applicable, add a nickname or married / maiden name to your tags (or to the blank / miscellaneous field).
                          • If you're replacing someone, add that person’s name to your tags in case people search for him / her.
                          • Add your country code to your phone number -- [your company] is an international company.
                          • You can add “preferences” to your phone number fields, e.g., if you prefer e-mail / instant message / texts to phone calls.

                          A completed profile also comes in handy when you're looking for help, either with [Jive instance] or with your job, because this way others can see what office and time zone you're in and what you do.

                          There are tremendous benefits to be had from working at a company with the resources and reach of [your company], but the downside is that you can get lost. In a crowd, it’s really easy to be no one forever.

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                    The answers on this thread have gone far beyond what I was originally looking for. Thanks so much for all the feedback! I could easily mark this as answered, but I'm loving the fact that it continues to get responses more than a year after being posted.

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                      Hi Tracy,


                      We ran a contest in Greenhouse (our Jive community) last year. It was a scavenger hunt called 'DIG'.


                      The Greenhouse DIG Scavenger hunt was a regional competition. Eight questions were based on our community. Participants needed to find the answers in the Greenhouse and send responses to their regional Ambassador/competition coordinator. All correct entries went into a random draw and five winners were picked for each region.



                      DIG ... Discovering information in the Greenhouse!


                      D – Discovering

                      I – Information

                      G – Greenhouse


                      It was a success and we had lots of users 'Digging' in the Greenhouse! Below is the banner we created for the competition.


                      PS: This is a great post and I hope more people share their contest ideas that I could use int he future!


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                        When I was handed the task of Community Management when our last manager left the company I talked with our employees about the community.  Unfortunately, there was not much excitement about JIVE.  I took this as a challenge and started a game called "Name That Product."  I took a 50x50 pixel image from our web shop (which I also maintain) and asked everyone to guess what it was.  I am still running that contest on a weekly basis and the interest in JIVE appears to be rising.  People are communicating and using it - plus they are learning about our product. 



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                          Here is a photo/avatar contest I ran for a month.


                          I created a group and had advocats share info about the contest with their teams.

                          Here's how it worked:

                          • Associates assist others in uploading a photo and avatar.  You can persuade them through email, phone, Fuser or good old fashion strong arming them.
                          • Once you have successfully helped an associate upload a photo, tell us on the Photo Contest group.
                          • Each time you get a "photo assist" you name goes in a drawing for weekly prizes.
                          • The person with the most assists at the end of the week gets recognized.
                          • The person with the most assists at the end of the contest gets the grand prize.