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    How to get a white header?

    John Schwiller

      I'm trying to get a white header using #ffffff but it keeps giving me a graded grey header.


      Any ideas?



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          You aren't doing anything wrong; it's just that the gradient is there by default as part of the app styling to improve the contrast with the buttons and tabs.  Will look into it though.

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            As Brian mentioned, this is working as intended, however you can submit a feature or improvement request by creating an Idea in the Feature Discussion space.  Our developers and product designers monitor this space and leverage it to decide what new features will be implemented.



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                John Schwiller

                Thanks Liz - so are you saying that the workflow process around Features Discussion can't link up to Ideas in other groups like this one? We had a similar discussion with Wendy and Bill about whether there could be an Ideas facility in the Partners group. I think Wendy indicated that that trying to do that would be very difficult.


                Seems to me that you should be able to hook up to Ideas wherever they appear. Surely much better to have ideas originated from and voted on by users with a particular interest in, say mobile, than 'stuck' in a non-specific 'all-comers' area.


                So for example, an idea in this group that hits a 90% Yes vote of members here is surely of similar importance as a 'general' idea in Features Discussion which gets a massive vote. Just worried that ideas from a (currently) small early adopter community here will get overlooked due to intially small votes.


                @Brian: If we are to transact in Features Discussion then what is the purpose of Ideas in this group?


                Update: I have moved my two ideas into Features Discussion and added a third:







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                    I did include Ideas here as it is useful to have a focused repository of mobile-only suggestions.  But Liz's suggestion is appropriate as the bulk of community members reside in the Features Discussion space which provides the best opportunity to get input and see how well the idea rates amongst all ideas.  Thanks for duplicating the ideas into that space as that will yield the most insights.


                    - Brian

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                        John Schwiller

                        No problem Brian but double posting is not ideal - firstly it creates more work for the poster and secondly it potentially dissipates the voting as some people would vote here and others in Features Discussion.


                        Until advised otherwise or more Jivers find a consensus, I reckon posting an idea once in Features Discussion and putting a link to it in this group would work.


                        I dont suppose you could surface ideas that are in Features Discussion and tagged Mobile in this group?