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    Community Managers managing your online 'brand' through profiles?


      I would like some feedback from you on this-


      So when I first started working with Jive I worked for Cisco. More recently Brocade and in a couple of weeks I will be working for a company called QlikTech. It's important for me as a professional community manager and social media strategist to maintain my online branding through different forums and social media accounts.


      On the Jive Community my profile is still associated with Cisco. I was using the Brocade avatar but the system still linked me to the original cisco profile. I called the support line to hopefully update my profile to my new company Qliktech. They recommended that I deactive my account and start over. There is apparently no way for them to move my profile, points and info to associate with a different company. They also don't have the ability to alllow me to not be associated with a company.


      My question for all of you is- shouldn't online community professionals be treated somewhat like a developer would? As this industry grows so does the pool of experienced qualified community experts. If I worked for Jive I would really want to start tracking people like myself, Trisha and others who are experienced Jive advocates. Part of this is to allow long term community experts to 'grow' their online profile just like a top user in one of our own communities. Not to mention its 'messy' to have all these old profiles sitting around- If I wrote it I want it to stay with me and my personal brand.


      Realistically Jive would need to be able to associate users with their company or allow them to have their own community manager/expert profile which is separate from any company of employment.



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          Hi Sara - good topic. I agree with your comments that a member's content, profile, points, etc. should be able to stay with her and move with her. However, the exception comes when the profile and content is also associated with Support cases. For CRM systems where your access is 'all or nothing' then I believe you would have to retire the profiles associated with the previous companies and start a new one. This is true for the CRM system at ArcSight (we use RightNow). If a person leaves Company A, he should not be able to log Support cases for that company anymore. If he goes to work for Company B, he gets a new Support CRM profile under Company B.


          In the Jive community, the Support cases are handled by Secret Groups. I would think that the Jive Support team (or your previous companies) would just remove you from the secret Support groups for those companies. You would no longer be able to open or view Support cases for those companies. Your content in the public areas of the Jive community should remain. And, on your profile, you're able to edit your email address and company name, so you are no longer linked to the previous companies on your profile.


          For the ArcSight customer community that we run on Jive, I sometimes see a member open a new account when he changes jobs. For these cases that I catch, I reach out to the member and ask if he just wants to update his existing profile, so that all of his history, content, join date, etc. remain with him, rather than starting over.


          Sara, if you were talking with a Jive Support person, I would recommend double checking on the options? I think Deirdre Walsh's account is a great example. She joined the Jive Community in 2007 as a customer and now she is a Jive employee. If you look at her profile, the join date is still 2007 and her content as a customer is still there.


          Hope this is helpful! And congratulations on your new job!