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    Metrics benchmarking on an ongoing basis


      What do you think about starting a group where members agree to a provide a set of basic community metrics in exchange for the right to see the same basic metrics for all group members?  I have been doing some pretty deep metrics for my community and they are helpful, but more context even on basic metrics to compare our results to other organizations would really help the conversation.


      If it goes well, we could expand the metrics or dig into specific use cases, but for now I'm thinking of metrics like:

      - community penetration (how many in the community? of these how many have signed in?)

      - user segmentation breakdown over time (I have been using Viewer, Commentor, Creator and Super Creator)

      - group segmentaion and breakdown over time (I have been using the purpose of the group...perhaps we could agree to a few categories to track)

      - user profile participation (pictures, phone, etc are populated)

      - some other basic metrics

      - content created per user

      - content viewed per user

      - blog posts per user

      - documents per user


      Any thoughts?