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    Jive 4.5 or Jive 5 for New Organizations

    John Schwiller

      Recognizing that this may be a sensitive subject but here goes. . .


      I assume that many here have either got Jive  5 beta (any version) or have seen it in all its awesomeness in the flesh  or in webinars? I also understand that there has been lots of  discussion and work at Jive to get the balance of new features right and  to try to ensure that existing users are not left confused about where  features have gone (we don't want another Office 2007 do we).


      There are two types of organization - namely those on 4.x  and those yet to deploy. I think many of you will agree that the UX of  Jive 5 is significantly different (?), for example with the ability to  interact in the activity stream without actually going to the container  space or group and the overall look of the UI.


      So for organizations yet to deploy an internal community - who haven't used 4.x or even seen it, let's think many thousands of users with a mix of ages including some of Gartner's Pioneers and a load of Settlers who  need handholding by their Community Managers, do you think it would be  easier for the broad mass of users (not just the millenials and geeks)  to get up and running on 4.5 or 5?


      The choice seems to be for the next year or so:


      a) start in at the deep end with Jive 5 and bite-the-bullet


      b) start on 4.5.x and build adoption then upgrade to a Jive 5 version 'later'.


      Very interested in your thoughts, and why one approach might be right for one organization and the other for another organization. What are the factors? Would massive user adoption be likely to be higher with one route over the other?



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          This has been a very hot topic.  Having a 4.0.8 community, I think that moving folks over to V5.0 will be harder than starting with V5.0.  We have over 2 years of experience, so folks have learned how things work and where things are located.  From web usability, we know any change will have an initial negative impact.  People have invested time and energy in the old and now need to do it again.


          The old look was more web page-ish.  With the big step toward the FaceBook activity streams, it is not only the UI but the mental model which is changing.  We will need to do more to educate folks than we have done previously.


          Just my observations.


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            Agree with Mike that user training and usage are a huge issue in upgrading from Jive 4.x to Jive 5.


            If I was starting a brand new community, Jive 5 probably would be the best option in nearly every case because that way folks won't have to "relearn" things when you upgrade. That said, Jive 5 isn't quite out yet and may need a release or two to get bugs out. So, if stability is the most important consideration Jive 5 probably isn't the best option all things being equal.


            If you were looking at a Q4 implementation then that's where Jive 5 might start to be really good and stable. Certainly by Q1 or Q2 of next year it seems that there would be fewer and fewer reasons to start with 4.5.

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              I would want to know from Jive what they recommend here.   I would also then want to develop a decision support template to cover the period from now to Q4 2012, showing the various options for those who need to migrate and those who are undertaking new Jive projects.  This is then one to discuss with each individual enterprise, as it will depend heavily on the enterprise's appetite for risk, other planned projects, and prevailing culture.