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    Configuring the Email Digest Template (engagement.digest.email)


      Has anyone configured this template such that it sends a "new content this week" section? If so, can you share the code?


      Currently, I send the default "Popular Content", "Your Content", and "Your Connections" sections.  I already removed "Your Status" and "Tips and Tricks", since these seemed not very useful. I'll probably also drop "Your Connections", since most of my community members don't use the connections feature very much.


      My philosophy is that people will skim the email to see what's new and what's actively viewed/participated in (and hopefully click if they see something relevant); and secondarily they would like to see what replies were made to their content.


      I'm interested in input about what other community managers find works well for their external communities.


      Regards, Robert

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          Hi Robert,


          We're in the process of optimizing our Jive email template as well, and would love to bubble "Recent Content" to the top. Will you let us know if you found the code to do that?


          Also, in addition to the weekly Jive update, our Community sends a monthly "Community Newsletter," to all of our external customers, regardless of their Community status, as well as to Community members who may not currently be customers. Here's an example of our April NL and May NL which we post in our Community NL archive.


          Thus far, these newsletters are by far our most effective tool when it comes to driving new Community registrations and participation.


          Hope this helps.


          All the best,