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    Automated Newsletters


      I am currently on a project to migrate all of our intranets into our Jive instance "Neo" a big part of my job is dissecting newsletters sent out weekly, monthly, quarterly and help the editors use Jive to display elements of the newsletter in their space or group. The plan is working really well and everyone loves the new fresh approach to sharing news. However because a lot of people turn off their notifications and are used to receiving the newsletter by e-mail we need to come up with a way to send out a regular summary much like the daily summary but only for the group or space.


      Does anyone have any experience of setting this up? Or does anyone have any ideas about what might our could work other than just creating an e-mail with links.


      Many thanks



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          We use a number of approaches.   For one newsletter site (it is a newsfeed since they have information you can use that day), they send an email out at the beginning of the month to remind folks to go check.  We send out a Department email that list out the important items from the last 2 weeks with links back to the article ( sort of in case you missed it).


          Even with notification on, people may be busy and not get around to looking at each item.


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            Although I can't offer suggestions on your question as we are just embarking on this new "journey"... I love how you are using Jive for newsletters and am very interested in how you are doing it. Would you mind sharing? Thanks!

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                We are helping people to create a group to host their newsletter. My key point to the comms folk is how do you receive your news and information in your personal life - online is the normal response as well as TV, Newspaper. They are more often than not getting their information as and when it happens not a month after or 3 months after. So newsletters don't have the same appeal now essentially they are old news.


                Jive is allowing us to re-create a news channel which can be updated as and when news happens. This can be done with a combination of the widgets. Focusing on making the homepage as visual and engaging as possible. Polls, photo albums, video etc.


                The blog is the back bone of the newsletter and is way we push the content out to people. The benefits of using the blog functionality is that you can look back at past posts in a chronological order. Great for archiving.


                And the best bit about doing it this way....no giant nasty html emails that kill your inbox and throw you into inbox jail! Folk can subscribe to the group or blog feed. A sign of whether your newsletter group is a hit is when people start using the RSS feed from your group in their own groups!

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                    Sounds powerful Kim. Interested to know more about this news channel. Is it simply feeding into Jive via RSS? I suspect that can be done inside of spaces and/or groups, right? Very cool.. innovative. We need to get away from hunting for info., only to find out it's outdated!

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                      Kim, thanks a lot for the detailed overview on how you have setup your 'newsletter' feed. We are currently wrestling with the same project. I was pondering over the idea to make the newsletter part of our organization's space. So it sounds like you have setup the newsletter as a separate group; using the blog to publish the articles. Now I have some more questions for you:

                      1. Do you have subject matter experts contributing to the newsletter?
                      2. If so, what do you use to manage their inputs/ proposed articles? (do you do this within the same group)
                      3. The group you have created, what status has it: 'open' 'members only'?


                      Thanks for your insights.



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                    I also send out a newsletter based on our Jive content.


                    I do not write any *new* content for the newsletter - I just summarize each blog post in one line and provide a link to it. All of the blog posts are written by employees across the company - anyone can post.  The idea of the newsletter, then (which I send out bi-weekly) is that if you check Jive every day (or every couple of days), you'll get the news faster. But, for those people who just won't remember or don't care to check in, they'll get an email summary of most everything from the last 2 weeks. I hope that people see things in the newsletter that they wish they'd read earlier, which will prompt them to log in more often, and eventually the newsletter can be phased out.


                    I bought this theme from Theme Forest: Corporate Communication 2 Preview - ThemeForest but have tweaked it a bit, changed the colours to our company colours, etc.


                    Since I am just writing one-liners and adding in links, it is pretty quick to pull this together, and we do see an increase in traffic to individual posts whenever the newsletter goes out.

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                      Hi Kim,

                      Can you share any updates to how you are currently using Jive to automate your newsletters?  I am having real struggles in understanding how tot make this happen leveraging Jive.  We are trying to move away from traditional email newsletters to jive.


                      Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this tough topic.



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                          I think it is probably a bit easier now than it was 5 years ago when this question was first presented, primarily because of the introduction of Custom Streams and the ability to manage email notifications on a stream by stream basis.


                          So one option would be to create a group specifically for the newsletter, and encourage your subscribers to follow it in a custom stream with email notifications enabled.


                          Another option that we've seen used with some success is to set up a Group as Members Only, and then use the "Join" option as a "Subscribe to Newsletter" type feature. Then whenever the newsletter is published, the Group owner uses the Send email to Group function to send out a link to the newsletter. Or, if you like, include the full text of the newsletter - along with a link, of course - in the email.

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