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    Preview Messages before sending


      Every  few months we get into a discussion about editing messages. Is it OK to  edit a message after it has been sent--to correct a typo, to fix a  formatting error, to change the content, etc.


      My  argument usually goes that you should not go back and edit becaue of  email subscriptions. Always follow up with a correction/change so that  everyone is on the same page, no matter how they follow the  conversation (web, email subscription, etc.). This is especially important if the edit changes the  context of the message (accidentally sent, "please do install this  widget" intead of "please do NOT install this widget").


      But  what about small typos or formatting issues? Very tempting to go change  the original. And probably won't hurt. But could. So, that brings up  the request to be able to preview a message post to see formatting,  possibly catch a typo or a dropped word, etc.