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    The app


      So the app is not really specific for a device, rather it displays well on iPhone, android, and blackberry devices.  In each case, I have to use a web browser to go there. My iPad seems to work fine, but I can't see our site on my blackberry. I'm  wondering if it has to be a newer or high end phone.


      In some ways, I wish it was a true app where all I have to do is hit a button to bring up the site.  With this approach, I have to open my browser and type in an address. I suppose the way to circumvent that is to somehow bookmark the mobile URL.  Are there any other insights how o make this easier?

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          Hi Christine,

          You're correct, what we have built is a cross-platform mobile web app which does not require distribution through the various app stores.  Therefore you do access it via the web browser but there are ways to bookmark it and/or save it to your device's homescreen to make it easier to access repeatedly.  If you're a Jive Mobile junkie like me, you even replace the phone icon on your iPhone bottom toolbar with Jive Mobile (as you can see from the screenshot below, I'm not joking!).




          After  logging into the app via Safari:

          1. Tap the bookmark icon.  See the image below for an example.
          2. Choose "Add  to Homescreen". 

          This will place an icon on the last page of apps making  it easier to find the app again.  Also, this triggers a fullscreen  display of the app with the browser's navigation bar hidden from view providing more space for Jive content.



          After logging into the app via the browser, follow these steps:


          1. Tap the flag icon at the top of the screen.
          2. Bookmark the page.
          3. Long-press the newly addded bookmark.
          4. Select “Add to Home Screen”



          After logging into the app via the browser, follow these steps:

          1. Tap the Globe icon at the top of the screen.
          2. Tap "Add to Homescreen".



          Regarding BlackBerry, it's likely that your device does not run OS6 which is the minimum version that our app requires to run properly.  Please feel free to ping me if you have any further questions on that.