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    Embedding Live webex in Jive widget


      Hey Guys,


      Quick question has anybody inserted a live webex session into Jive? This would be really cool.


      Love to hear about your webex integrations or any other  web confrencing  tools.

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          Hi John,

          We post Webex webinar recordings as videos.  It's a bit time-consuming and cumbersome since you have the convert the videos from the Webex format to .wmv or another format that Jive accepts before posting.  We used to use Live Meeting, which more conveniently exported .wmv from the get-go.

          Our users LOVE the webinar records we post!  I think the video module adds a lot of value to the Jive experience.

          Being able to embed a live Webex session right into a document or blog would be excellent!  I'm interesting in hearing if anyone has achieved this.


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              Hi All,

              I am interested as well iF live can be done? Has anyone integrated a live chat session in Jive?



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                  Thanks so much for your response. We have been using the video module as well. Been a great experience for my users. I agree the conversion takes along time. Be great if the video module excepted the webex file type "WRF". Once they are in the system then work great in blogs docs and discussions.


                  But I would like to take it a step farther. I want to embed in a widget on an over view page. If you can do that I am sure you can n a doc as well.


                  I was playing around with Usttrem today and was able to embedded in a widget with no problem along with there chat box.


                  Screen shot 2011-06-29 at 1.47.55 PM.png

                  Love to hear Jives thoughts as well.

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                  Did you notice video degradation when you converted from wrf to wmv? Our training videos degraded significantly following conversion, which made the embedded screenshots impossible to view.

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                  I had a similar question a few months back and unfortunately didn't unearth any answers. In the end, we decided to go with a live video stream and archived recordings. I couldn't see a way to use the community as a wrapper for a webex platform.


                  I'll keep my eye on this thread, though, as it's something we really want to be able to do!