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    Help I'm drowning in SPAM


      Hello All,


      We have noticed a huge uptick in Spam in our Qliktech Community. Some details-


      We have always had some spammers (people not bots) who are using bookmarks to list spam sites. There is a process in place to identify the posts and deactivate the users.

      Over the last two weeks we have seen a surge in this activity though as well as other spam posts that look like they are people as profiles are being created.


      I was thinking that we could add some of the common key words they are using to the filter, but am also curious if others are finding additional solutions to this growing issue.



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          So I will add some additional questions here that may help clarify.


          Do any of you allow Gmail, hotmail, yahoo or other free email addresses for users or do you require corp/company email address?


          For those who do allow free email registrants- do you have any tips, tools for keeping the spammers out?


          It almost looks like these guys are using the Google web crawler element of the Jive platform to help these sites get better google ranking. I cant really see any other benefits here as our users are pretty savy about not opening these types of links.

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              Hi Sara!


              Having fought spam in other major communities, I have quite a few recommendations that I can discuss with you. I'll reach out to you via email and we can connect from there.


              In the meantime, here are two threads that might be of help. As evident with these threads, there is no easy way to fight off spam completely and it's an ongoing battle. Like other users have said, having a higher entry of barrier to create an account may help, but it's not a guarantee that the spam will go away because users can create work-arounds:





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                Hi Sara,  Keeping them out is hard, especially if you need to allow free eMail registrants.   


                I noticed a few abuses on this platform and it got me wondering what can I do to prevent this from happening on our Jive installation (we also allow free eMail registrants).  While our site is going to be actively moderated, there's no guaranty that at least more than few abuses will get through, especially in groups/spaces that aren't moderated such as test areas and in some lighthearted forums threads. 


                The major risk here is not just that there will be spam on your site but the chance that Google will suspect yours is a content farm which will severely affect your ranking in search results. 


                Rather than closing the gates, consider some monitoring tools.  The way I found abuses was through a Xenu link sleuth scan I performed on the site.  It's main purpose is to find broken links but I've been also using it to create sitemaps and gain insight on Jive site architecture ahead of our Jive launch (I'm an SEO specialist).  Xenu crawls websites like a crawler does and generates a report of all URLs it find on the site + any external URLs it comes across while scanning.  On the report I isolate the external URLs discovered and look for anything suspicious, investigate and take action if needed. 


                Here are examples on this platform: 


                Look for Xenu on cnet.com


                One other thing you can do is perform weekly site searches for hot keywords such as gambling, pills, etc..stuff that the spammers try to push


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