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    Are Community Managers a necessity?

      How important is the community manager role? What has been your experience with implementation with or without having a community manager?  If you've hired a community manager can you share the job description for that individual?

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          I work with a team of internal community managers in a large corporate organization.  For communities aligned to high visiblity corporate goals, community managers are critical to success.  The community manager ensures the community (vehicle for collaboration) is working to the company goals and objectives and ultimately providing value (measurable of course).  Without someone skilled in collaboration providing guidance, leading the way, ensuring the sponsors is keyed in, aware of other collaboration efforts, teaching new team members how to engage and draw value, the community is at risk of becoming another "document" repository.

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            Yes... in a nutshell. Community managers do a lot of moderation, care and feeding, they also patrol, coordinate, and can assist in roll-out and training, Depending on how large an organization they can be feet on the street as well as virtual. Having said that, I am not for Community Manger inundation. I prefer less managers and more advocates. Each environment is different and depending on your design that may constain your requirements. I prefer less layering and more facilitation whenever possbile.