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    (Out of the box) ideas to engage people to use Jive actively...




      My name is Annemarie Steen. I'm working in Management Development. We just signed the contract and will launche Jive to our employees in two months time. I totally see the benefits and can't wait to start blogging, posting, commenting etc. But most of our employees are not active social media users in their daily work/ private life. All they know is email. It's my goal to interest and engage them in using Jive. This will need a paradigmshift in thinking/working. Interesting!!


      I'm developing some ideas how to get people to use the Jive platform (next to email). I like to share them with you.


      1) Develop a 30-day challenge, where each day they'll get an assignment to do on Jive (in their normal emailbox), with a nice price for the ones that are most active. For instance: Day 1: Make your profile. Day 2: Comment on a discussion Day 3: find a...

      2) Make a monthly funny webvideo of a talking bellybutton that shares the monthly salesnumbers. This will hopefully result in attracting the people to the platform. If we change the talking bellybutton each month, people can guess/vote who's bellybutton it is. (ofcourse I have to convince the senior management to co-operate )

      3) Put posters in the companies with profile photo's of employees from other locations with the text: Meet me @Meetingpoint (our communityname).

      4) Sent a fotographer around, to make profile pictures in 3 styles (serious, smiling, funny). People may choose which one they like best on their profile.


      I'm curious what your best practices/ ideas are. Please share...