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    Benchmarking teams that have been rolling out Groups to their partners and customers- please share your experience with this




      I have heard of several companies who have had luck rolling out private groups to their customers and or partners to administer and run for their own targeted users.


      Some of my initial questions are-


      1. Naming Strategies- Should we define a standard naming process? Such as *** User Group which would start with the name of the company who owns the group.
      2. Legal Concerns- Privacy of information etc as its a private group sitting on a platform which they don't own. How to best communicate that relationship and what are standard terms & conditions that the owner and end users may sign off on.
      3. Managing participants- Group owners are responsible for deleting users who are leave the company which has faciliated them being a member of a private group with potentially sensitive information meant for specific users only.
      4. Best practices- for enabling users through the planning process, training and maintenance.


      Please send me your thoughts on these topics or if others come to mind.