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    Send email to group vs. expect everyone to receive email notifications. What do you use?

      Wanted to get the #cmgr take on best way to 'push' a monthly digest/newsletter via Jive. 



      I'm working with a client and they would really like to ensure that all of their communty members receive their monthly newsletter (recently migrated into Jive).  They want to do this via Jive and NOT just send an email to a distribution list. 


      A) Sending the newsletter via blog/document is great and allows for the text to be prettied up a bit but those not receiving email notifications for the community do not receive the message. However, people opt out of email notifications due to noise.


      B) Sending the newsletter via 'Send email to group' is really nice and easy but doesn't allow for any text modifications or 'prettiness' as my client would say.


      How do you meet this need?    What would you recommend as a workaround.   We are on Jive 4 now and moving to 4.5 in the coming months, all feedback is welcome.